Next step to improve: flicking the serve return

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Is this the video you are all referring to? Very good video. I have the link because I have not done watching it yet. It is on my list of things to do.....and the list is getting long.

Yes it's this one. I think I came across this phrase of "creating a mountain" in the stroke for the chiquita for the first time when I watched this. Later on I applied this concept but using the upper body to initiate this "mountain", this made chiquitas against even very heavy underspin viable.
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Jul 2019
I think the next step to improve for me would be to get better at flicking the serve return. I'm really bad at this shot right now. I generally play the flick in a very safe manner. But it gives the opponent a good opportunity to attack. So I need to practice being more aggressive and hitting a higher quality flick return. I'm not good at doing this right now, as I make too many errors at the moment when I try to be more aggressive.

Its' really the dead-ball serve that gives me trouble. When the serve is underspin, I can just push it back. When it has topspin, I can kinda punch it back. But when its a no-spin dead ball, it requires me to be more active. My default is to do a safe flick return. Any advice on how I can do the flick return more aggressively?
of course its tempting for amateurs think that developing super chiquitas or super fast flicks is going to solve your service return problems.
Bear in mind that once you are very successful with say a Chiquita it's the opponents prerogative to serve that you can't do it effectively for the rest of the game. What you really need is a well stocked toolbox of different solutions and you need to constantly keep them all sharp.
Enjoy your chiquitas and flicks but make sure that yr success rate in serve receive is better than the other guy if possible