Ovtcharov About The Two-Coloured Ball

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Oct 2014
Ovtcharov About The Two-Coloured Ball: "More Than Half Of The Balls Were Broken After Practice"

Dimitrij Ovtcharov's Jiangsu was the last team to book a place in the Super Chinese League's playoffs. Now Ovtcharov and Co. are preparing to face Ningbo led by Ma Long, but they are also preparing to play with the two-coloured plastic ball. The German player said that feeling is ok, but this ball brokes more easily than the celloluid one.
Dimitrij Ovtchorov is preparing for the Chinese Super League's playoffs. His team Jiangsu overcame Guangdong in the last round and will face Ningbo of Ma Long in playoffs.
Some days ago Ovtcharov shared his first contact with the two-coloured plastic ball with his fans on facebook. Today Ovtcharov told us about his first training with the ball.
The European champion said that he had a good ball feeling, but the quality of the ball isn't good yet, because most of the balls used in training broke. He also promised to post a video soon. He kept his promise and uploaded the video hours later.