Rachel Sung's Equipment

says On a never ending EJ journey
says On a never ending EJ journey
Jun 2023
I'm watching MLTT right now and I realized how deceptive looks can be in table tennis. Yes, I know physicality doesn't really matter as much in table tennis where you can have old grandpas destroying people at clubs or there's Ni Xialian still winning competitions. There's just something about the way Rachel Sung plays that makes me think she's so fragile and shouldn't be playing at such a high level. I looked up her equipment setup (https://butterflyonline.com/players/rachel-sung/) and saw that she's playing with ZJK SZLC with T05 on both sides! This girl must have amazing feeling. She's not half bad in the short game either. I can't imagine playing with such a fast setup. My balls would be shooting all off the table!