Rubbers for TSP Balsa blades

says Hi, This is my first post. I have observed TTD for...
says Hi, This is my first post. I have observed TTD for...
Sep 2017
Someone has given me a TSP Balsa 8.5 blade and a TSP Balsa 5.5 blade that i want to give to new/improving players at our club. I think both are fairly fast especially the 8.5 and i want to recommend rubbers that will have good control and spin but not be too fast. The 8.5 probably isnt a good choice for improving players, but it will be free to them. Any ideas for suitable rubbers for these blades ?
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I imagine the 8.5 being a hard and very fast blade. In that sense I can compare it to my Yinhe T11s. I would recommend going with softer rubbers, something like 37/38 degree hardness on the FH and a tad softer for the backhand, especially if you want to aim it towards new/improving players.

The 5.5 likely is softer, more flexible and slower. You could try rubbers that are a tad harder than on the 8.5, but tbh for new players going with similar rubbers on the 5.5 might not be a bad shout.

Keeping it cheap I'd suggest a Jupiter 3 38/37 FH and Palio AK47 Yellow or Blue on the BH for the 8.5. For the 5.5 I'd go with a Bloom Power 45 for the FH and the same AK47 Yellow on the BH (Blue might be too soft on the 5.5).