T-Blades- homemade

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Another very special blade and I just love it!
5,3mm, 1008Hz, 89,5g

I did not sand the handle but carved it with an opinel knife from thuja.
The handle is uneven and extremely safe this way even without grip tape. Looks ancient in some ways and perfectly fits to the myth of the yew tree. Even the Ötzi made his bows from yew tree and later the English long bows were built of it to (and Harry Potters Magic wand).
Yew is very hard and heavy but flexible (which makes it perfect for long bows).

I tried the hellfire long pips on the BH (double yew) and C48 on FH- its a dream and though I dont play long pips in matches I take this bat out just for fun in almost any session. Just finished the second one and will try it with 2x inverted rubbers.

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5,5mm, something like 1200Hz, 90g

Lati (also called white wenge) is heavy, hard and stiff. I love the look of this wood.
The handle is upcycled from an old garden table (Teak) from which the metal frame broke. Signs of weathering got deep into the wood which can be seen at the dark patterns.

Didnt play it but gave it to another guy for testing and I am curious about his findings.
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30 (+31)

This is Nr. 30, Nr. 31 is the same but no cybershape and I didnt finish the handle yet.
Cedar-Yew-Zirbe-Yew-Zirbe-Yew-Cedar, so the composition is pure coniferous wood.

4,6mm, 900Hz, 90g (light handle)
It is slow on slow strokes but due to the weight it has some hidden power. Played it with short pips (Spinfire) on BH and Jupiter 3 on FH. Despite the J3 has a rather low and long curve the bat deliveres a very good arc for net clearence ans safety. Its very flexible but feels solid and stable (blocking) at the same time.
I sent it to a guy for testing together with 2 other blades- he immedietely responded that he wants to keep this blade and sent me back the other 2 without testing and even asked me to replicate it- magic of the yew tree?



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Something like the Innerforce ALC.S but in a cybershapy form and a little lighter than most ALC.S.
I didn´t intend to copy the ALC.S but was searching for a composition to use the 2,2mm Abachi sheets I got. For some thickness and weight reasons I decided to take spruce as a middle layer and then realized this like the ALC.S.

I am playing it from time to time with Moon Blue M+ and Loki Arthur China- this is a very nice combo (I like both, the Moon and the Loki Arthur China).
Limba-Spruce-93g CF-Abachi-93g CF-Spruce- Limba
87g, 5,8mm 1225Hz.

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