Table tennis at the Commonwealth Games-2022

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Jan 2022
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Well that's the end of the games from a TT perspective - disappointing for Paul Drinkhall to miss a singles medal again and also Liam missing gold in the singles, but they played well to get the doubles gold.

To be fair they were both outclassed by the Indian players in the singles matches, but for Paul to come back from 3-0 to lose in the 7th 11-9 must have really hurt.

I thoroughly enjoyed the games and felt the standard of play and sportsmanship was fantastic - also to be able to go and watch for a day was great.
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Apr 2022

Here is a video with a bit more after the match

Was that Matthew Syed at 7:34 on the video
Was it Aruna Quadri with earphones at 7:41
Was it Rajath Kamal at 7:50 , sitting next to Syed ?

I never understood what happened at score 10-7. Liam stops the point & claims the ball hit Sharath's shirt before returned,
I am not blaming Liam (because I do not know) but what is the proper etiquette here ? Can I just stop in the middle of a rally & make claims such as this ? Because what happens if it is later determined that the ball did not hit Sharah's shirt.? How was it verified that it did hit Sharath's shirt (point was awarded to Liam) ? Table tennis needs a review system like many other sports at least at international events

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May 2013
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Are there any other channels that cover table tennis please?
Lots - just search for table tennis (or the name of your favourite player) on YouTube.

Shameless plug: here is a link to my channel where you can find a bit of everything - local league amateur matches, amateur tournaments, ITTF pro tournaments, pro training hall videos, etc.