Table Tennis Helping Africa

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Sep 2013
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You know, every time I engage (in person) or watch this kind of videos, I keep wondering - all those "spoiled brats" who ask for freebies (from South Africa) and act like they are from "disadvantage" communities, but meanwhile, they use smart phones, have a (or few) pair of Nike shoes, and have play stations etc and what not, on how inhumane these guys are for asking for freebies, when my "donations" are really meant for people that needs it, and will cherish it the most.

Not the whole Africa is like that video. There are many who can afford table tennis, but the parents (or they own) priorities may be different.

There is one kid (13 years old) from our club - he walks around 20-30km (or more) to the club to train on Saturdays.
He is from the township, and he is always there. Wears broken shoes, and only wears the club shirt (that he received for free)
Some times after the sessions, some other club members (adults), will drop him back at home or close enough to shorten the distance.
I don't help the kid directly, but indirectly I support the club in providing something small, so the club can help the kid.

At another club (located in a rough area), the club founder/owner buys equipment for all the kids (except a few that can afford it).
He will get the kids (off the street, and away from gangs) and stay at his place (during weekends), feed them and give them chance to train in his table tennis room at home. He would also fund the kids to travel domestically to national tournaments and he is not even 30 years old yet. He is like a father to them basically.
He has since produced many junior SA national players.
I support indirectly by providing 20-30% discount on equipment. Some times providing equipment for free (ie the new Polyballs, for his national junior players to get used to), or I provide prizes for them to run raffles for fundraising.

I actually want to get all guys who ask for freebies to really visit the "tough" environments and they can rethink, if they want freebies or not.
This is not just about South Africa, or Africa.
I visited South East Asia, South America etc, it all has place that hardly able to put a roof on top of the table and many people who need things more than we do.