Uberpong vs TOMS Ping Pong Party at SXSW

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Aug 2012
Uberpong vs TOMS is already tipped to be THE party of SXSW 2015. What started out as a simple way to get the Austin community of table tennis players together has snowballed into something big. The all day SXSW ping pong party is free to attend and will take place on March 17th at TOMS on South Congress,Austin. Download the new app Ping Pong Map to find the location.

- TOMS will be giving away sunglasses and coffee and there will be bands.
- Play "Berlin Style" ping pong aka “round the world”.
- There will be free coffee to keep you going.
- Get a free ride to the event with our sponsor Uber. Click HERE to get promo.
- The event is free and no festival badges are needed.




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