Which of these is the best for backhand in your opinions?

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I’m an attacker and I love looping and doing topspin to topspin with my backhand. I currently use DHS Hurricane 3 Neo H37, I’ve wanted to switch to non-tacky rubber for some time.

I have several unopened rubbers: Tibhar Evo MXS, Nittaku Fastarc G1, GEWO Nexxus El 53 HARD, Stiga Mantra Pro H?

How are they on BH and how are the harder rubbers? Are they usable on backhand?
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Oct 2022
G1 for sure, besides being the softest among them all, but also one of my favorite rubber. Although I still think it's a little hard for my backend on Viscaria. If you have Stiga Mantra Pro M instead of H, would be better, M is softer than G1 and similar in speed, but lack spin that G1 provides.
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Apr 2023
It all depends on your style. I have used C-1, Rakza 7 soft, Xiom Vegas Asia, FX-D and BlueFire M2. Those are soft and feel about the same on the BH side of my carbon blade.

For G-1 and MX-S, they are too hard for me. I use them on my all wood blade.

Any rubber is playable on the backhand. I all depends on your stroke and your preference.
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G-1 doesn't feel right on the BH on stiff blades like Viscaria in my experience, but on Acoustic or 7ply flexy blades it's great. I loved it on the Long 5 on the BH for all offensive strokes, but blocking was a little too difficult, especially against strong opponents.

C-1 on the other hand is amazing on all blades for BH.

I would stay on H3-37, especially on 301Z