Which plastic ball has your club chosen?

says Grand Consultant to the Office of Goon Squad
says Grand Consultant to the Office of Goon Squad
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Sep 2011
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I would hope the celluloid ball stays legal and in use like it always has.

Good question and hard to say for USA. Clubs really dont have balls in USA on the most part.

In USA, a TT "Club" is more of a place to play matches (3 max) than to train and grow. Most clubs (like 90%+ of them) are basically local TT associations loosely organized that hire a school gym or community recreation center space 1-2 nights a week for a few hours. There may be tables rolled out and setup, but such a place isn't a full time permanent club with robot table and tables with coaches doing Multi-ball / Single-ball lessons. Players bring their own equipment to include balls and start playing matches. Usually, there are WAY too many players for tables, usually many times, so you place you bat on side of table to indicate you are waiting to play at that table, loser leaves table adn winner stays on maybe 3 times max and gets off. You might wait 30-45 miuntes to get back on a table. That means you might be on the table 2-3 times before the club closes. You bring your own balls, so you might be playing with several different brands of balls in one night. The only way to train is to try to do that teh first 15-30 minutes club is open if you have a player to train with who is willing. Once people come to the "Club" then it is Verboten to train, if you do, a nice club will allow 15 minutes of that then both of you are kicked off table to wait again.

When clubs do a tourney, they will either purchase a large 144 ball box of celluloid balls and provide them for tourney use, or a company will send them balls as a form of advertising. I haven't done a 1, 2, or 3 start tourney with a Poly Ball yet, but I dont do a lot of tourneys, since my location is pretty much out of the way of TT civilization without making it a major long term mission to play.

Boston TTC a few months ago had several people bring in some seamed Joola Poly Balls, and after one match with those, I was ready to torch the entire inventory of those balls, damn the courts and lawsuits. The two seamless brands I tried (Nexy and Yinhe) were both from same (XSF) factory and they are getting the best grades and hopefully, that ball will be used in tourneys where the Tourney Director decides to use a Poly Ball.