WTT Cup Finals 2022

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Feb 2017
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The common advice here when members switch over to new equipment is to give it sufficient time to completely familiarise oneself.

I'm trying to say, FZD ALC is not new equipment at all. Yes, there could be a placebo effect but I assume pro's don't mind it. All players have downs and ups, some could be related with equipment but not the case for FZD IMO.

Knee injury > frustration > too much training + tournament > body/health condition issues > personal/family issues > pressure of being WR.1 > Ball change > temperature > humid in air > foods he ate recently > etc etc >>>>>> Viscaria to FZD ALC

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Aug 2016
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I don't think so, FZD ALC is a mere clone of Viscaria, he has been using the Viscaria for a long time even under Stiga Sponsorship he has been used the Viscaria with Stiga Infinity handle. So I think even what he ate in breakfast is more effective than his blade.

I suppose his knee injury or lost against WCQ might affected his performance.

FZD has been using Golden Vis for a while. Golden is harder, and faster than normal Vis but with more clear feedback.

In contrast FZD ALC has more dwell time than all other outer ALC = slower = more control and spinnier loop