Yasaka Falck Carbon and W7 Blades Review

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Aug 2021
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Haven't tried a P700, but I've read that if a bt777 and p700 have the same weight, they Should be about the same in speed. P700 has the meranti in 2nd layer that might make it slightly more direct. But I've read that bt777 should have a couple more higher gears when looping. Some says one is faster. Others says the other one is, even though p700 is slightly stiffer. So I don't know.

Neither bt777 or W7 feels as stiff and direct as Clipper as far as I remember. Speedwise I can't remember. But according to my head, the throw is lower.

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My 82 grams BT777 is a bit faster than my 87 grams P700

Edit: ooops sorry, I did not realize this is an old thread

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