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Sorry about me having to have a giggle but your answer made me remember of another thread

which made me download the frequency -meter which then brought me to the question of what

is required to do" the bounce".

Even though I asked , I never got an answer to what the proper bounce to measure frequencies

is supposed to be,

like bounce with what ball

bounce from what height

bounce with what speed

bounce with the blade flat on the table

shoot the ball at the blade while it is held in the hand by the handle

shoot the ball at the blade while blade-handle is held in a vise

So i realized I was just going in a circle or maybe it is a spiral

apologies again


There is a lot of technical info behind the measuring procedure that I don't want to get in to, but basically what you need to know is: You just need one bounce one the center of the blade. The ball height just needs to be enough to get a clear reading. Ball height won't affect the the peak, any small changes are due to microphone sensitivity. Grip pressure and position will affect the reading because you are changing the damping properties with your hand. What I normally do is to lay the phone on the table and hold the blade near the microphone with my normal playing grip. Then I drop the ball from 30-40cm and get the reading.