Quick session with Victas 102 last night.

very impressed initially

blocked just as well as my spectol red
hitting was awesome and i reckon faster than spectol red and flatter, but this may have been a freshly glued affect and euphoria of trying something new
the flat hits and drives off short balls was really really good
bh topspins felt easier and felt like there was some spin there.
was very easy to adjust to from spectol red.

one thing i did notice it was much easier to do a short tight bh serve down the line, the ball was staying so low and short (this is very important for me as i rely on tight serves a lot)
it was also very very good at short play, felt similar to waran and waran II in this respect, i could rely return short serves low and tight.

I think the softer sponge made it easier than waran II on openers and rolls just seemed to hold the ball a little better

felt no slippage, which i often felt when blocking with waran and waran II

only played about 45 minutes so needs further trial, however I feel happy enough to play with in a match tonight.
and if that goes ok going to try it at a tournament on saturday

i just hope it was not too much new equipment euphoria and hope it feels as good as initial test on next attempts

maybe this could cure my ejing once and for all

i think this could be a hidden gem of a short pimple that not many players know about!!