There’s not much debate for men: ML, XX, and FZD. The fourth player will be one of them: LGY, LJK, and WCQ. Most likely FZD and ML will play singles and XX team and XD. I have a feeling WCQ will have better chance joining the team than the other two.

There are way more uncertainties on women’ side. LSW, CM, DN, and SYS are the Gang of Four. But who plays single and who’s the fourth player are not at all that clear. LSW has clear advantages in terms of achievement this year but her losing record against ITO is a huge concern. DN’s got most experiences and she’s the only left hander among the four but her record this year is the worst. CM has the best chance to play single. But her occasional short circuit against lesser foreign players remains a concern. SYS’s most exciting and fans love her to play single. My guess is she will likely wind up being the fourth player.