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    [FS Melb] Assorted Butterfly, Nittaku, Xiom stuff

    Nittaku Poromeric Hard Case
    One of the better cases on the market. Proper hard case, can fit 2 rackets and a few balls, has ventilation holes. Mima Ito uses it.

    Xiom Hard Case
    Really nice slim hard case, fits 1 racket nicely.

    Blade: Sanwei Two Face Def (comes in box)
    Rubber Red: Dr Neubauer Superblock LP
    Rubber Black: Tenergy 05
    Foil: Xiom
    We used to use the superblock for training. Just put an old T05 on the other side for balance, works well. Blade is pretty nice for a two speed blade.

    Bunch of stuff, mostly all 3/4 or more full (except the LKT glue which is half full). Anything less than half full has been put in the bin. I've squeezed a little out of everything to make sure it is good.
    Xiom Cleaner (used once)
    Butterfly Spin Refresh (used 5 times)
    Butterfly Free Chack Pro (used to put 2 rubbers on)
    Nittaku Racket Protect (used 6 times)
    Nittaku Fine Zip (about half full)
    Butterfly Free Chack Sponge (about 15)
    Nittaku Zip Sponge (about 7)
    Butterfly little clip thing
    LKT Glue
    (about half full)

    Asics Gel Rocket used for 3 months twice a week- strictly indoors. Size 11.5.

    buy something for >$10 and get 1 of these for free:

    Xiom 3 ball holder

    Adidas elbow sleeve- don't even know why I bought it, don't have elbow issues and never used it
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