1. Viscaria 2012 vs Viscaria 2018

    are the playing characteristics different between a viscaria of 2010-2014 and 2016-2020? the older versions are seen as fantastic blades. Does anyone have experience with this?
  2. Personal rubber Ma Long 2012 Skyline 3 blue sponge

    Personal Rubber Ma Long 2012 Skyline 3 blue sponge 40.5/2.1 120 pounds all equipment that played Ma Long http://mytabletennis.net/forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=72188&title=ma-longs-equipment-pictures-20052015
  3. Do we have the reason to suppose that the finals of London OG 2012 was fixed?

    http://tabletennista.com/2014/10/liu-guoliang-ordered-wang-ho-to-lose-against-zhang-jike-in-london-video/ Based on this article LG actually told Wang Hao to lose against Zhang Jike in the finals, the reason being that if Zhang Jike lost he wouldn't have mental toughness to deliver in the team...
  4. TTLondon 2012 - Facebook Page DELETED

    Hi All, The Olympic Committee has blocked my Facebook Page. https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=221501857985617&fref=ts Sorry Guys i have give my best to Promote this Sport and the Olympics on my Facebook Page. Cheers TTLondon2012 :(
  5. Zhang Jike's "Mission" to Play Rio Olympics 2016!

    In a recent interview with Sina Sports, Zhang Jike has expressed how he wants to represent the Chinese National team at Rio Olympic Games this August. This time last year Zhang Jike had some unexpected losses with many fans around the world confused with Zhang Jikes performances. However this...
  6. TableTennisDaily Podcast #3 - Liam Pitchford

    What's going on guys, heres episode 3 of the new TableTennisDaily podcast. In this episode we are joined by another Olympian, German Bundesliga player and world ranked 58 Liam Pitchford. Liam represented team GB in the London 2012 Olympics and is currently playing for Ochsenhausen alongside...
  7. Dimitrij Ovtcharov takes on wheelchair player!

    How good are wheel chair players? Well check this video out! 2012 London Olympic bronze medallist Dimitrij Ovtcharov takes on 2012 London Paralympic bronze medalist and wheelchair table tennis champion Tom Schmidberger for fun at the ITTF Star Awards!
  8. Korea Olympic 2012 Shirt, where to buy?

    I'm interested in buying the shirt wear by Korea National Team during Olympic 2012. Anyone can give me a pointer? Thanks
  9. Rare Video: The 26th Pyongyang International Table Tennis Invitation Tournament 2012

    Hey guys I managed to get the final set - An epic match in the teams event between North Korea and China, very rare footage was only able to film the final set. Awesome rallies especially towards the end of the set, and the celebration! Enjoy :)
  10. London 2012 Olympics - 1 Year On

    It's been one year since the London 2012 Olympics when Zhang Jike clinched gold against Wang Hao! What a life changing event for millions around the world! Photo by: 1.skysports.com So we ask you, what have you, your club, friends or family done since the inspirational 2012 Olympic Games?
  11. Best Of Olympic Game 2012

    Part 1 (Watch in HD) 259070710901553 Part 2 (Watch in HD) 260000294141928
  12. List of new blades 2012/2013?

    Is there a list somewhere online of new blades 2012/2013? because I haven't found... Could someone tell me what are the new blades especially composite that either are since 2012 or that are coming out soon?
  13. My Best Of 2012/13

    Hey friends ;) Just finished a little best of :) Hope you like it :D Chapters: Frustration, Injuries, Reaction, Power and Nice Rallies :cool:
  14. Russian League 2012/2013

    Hey all, just like the German League, let's share all the latest news, videos, results and more from the Russian League here :) Does anyone have links to the players in the top division so I can make a poll with the team etc? Russian Premier League consists of 12 teams Fakel Gazproma...
  15. Best Of TTBL 2012/2013 (PART 2)

  16. Ochsenhausen are Bundesliga’s new leaders after fantastic win over Dusseldolf! (VIDEOS)

    Ryu Seungmin’s team Ochsenhausen managed to overcome strong team Borussia Dusseldorf in the fifteenth round of the Bundesliga to take their top spot. Although Borussia were missing their star player Timo Boll, it was still a tricky match for Ochsenhausen who worked well together as a team to...
  17. Table Tennis is now China’s most watched sport!

    Research by CMS Media has shown that a record 34 million people in China viewed in last August to watch the London 2012 Olympics table tennis finals. It has been said that table tennis is now China’s most watched sport and still on the rise. Zhang Jike, the Men's Singles Gold medalist at the...
  18. ETTU Cup 2012/2013

    The ETTU Cup 2012/2013 is now well underway! This discussion is a means to discuss teams and individuals in this sensational Cup! I will do my best in uploading matches from the ETTU Cup! Please posts news and videos you find! Jiang Tianyi Vs Abdel Kader Salifou
  19. Ningbo are the Chinese Super League Champions 2012/2013! (VIDEO)

    The Ningbo team have ended the 2012/2013 Chinese super league as champions as they defeated Shanghai to take the winning title. With Ma Long being their lead player he was able to secure three points in the two legs of the final contributing winning points to the whole team. Ma Long commented “I...
  20. Ma Long earns more than a quarter of a million dollars in the Chinese Super League (VIDEO)

    It’s been said that having such an elite player like Ma Long in your team doesn’t come cheap however after this season he has proved he is worth the large sum of more than $250,000 after leading the Ningbo team to the championship title for the second time in the Chinese Super League. He had a...