1. Donic-Schildkrot Balls

    Hello to everyone, As searching the online stores I found table tennis balls under the name of Donic but the stamp had the name Schildkrot. After a search I came across a website . I don't know if its just the same word or its just a side business project of...
  2. Plastic balls explained

    hi ttd can someone explain to me how plastic balls work. There seems to be so much variation between brand to brand. Is there only a few factories making all these balls?
  3. DHS DJ40+ balls

    Yesterday bought a couple of boxes of this balls... Interesting thing that they sells in different boxes and have different 2nd emblem on ball itself ("WT emblem" or "ITTF 2020 BUSAN" emblem... see photos below)... Played a couple of matches with one of "2020 BUSAN" balls, for me it's pretty...
  4. I Can't Deal With ABS Ball

  5. Pitch and Paul Talking Balls

    Hey guys! Today at 7.30pm UK time ill be going live on the Pitch and Pall Talking Balls show! It will be live on Paul Drinkhall's Facebook page. Be sure to tune in, it's going to be fun! i will be asking Pitchford 5 wild, wacky, quick fire questions. Any questions you'd like me to ask put...
  6. Balls collection

    Good afternoon! I'm Pep, I was inactive for a long time in the forum. For 3 years now I have been collecting table tennis balls and would like to know if there is another collector around here to make some changes. I also make T-shirt collection for table tennis players, teams, and national teams.
  7. Tips for disinfecting equipment and balls

    Since many of the clubs in the US have closed for a few weeks and "Social Distancing" is being recommended, I was wondering if there were any tips or guidelines for disinfecting things like tables, balls, nets, rackets, etc. Hand-shaking is now discouraged, and I hope the practice of wiping...
  8. Problem with new balls using Newgy robot

    I bought a Newgy 2050 robot 2nd hand and decided to buy new plastic balls. I bought the Xushaofa Vision Europe 40+ super training balls. My problem is that within a couple of hundred balls going through the machine the discharge wheel was covered in shards of coating from the balls. I stripped...
  9. Do the new plastic balls work with Newgy 2050 robot

    I have a Newgy 2050 robot and would like to know if the new plastic 40+ balls are fully compatible or am I looking at having to upgrade to the 2055 model. Thank you.
  10. I find it difficult to adjust to the new 40+ balls after returning

    I find it difficult to adjust to the new 40+ balls after returning to the game. I started with 38mm balls, then to 40mm balls, then now they have these new 40+ balls, which bounce off the table randomly, and is somewhat heavier. It's harder for me to play because I always only spin the ball...
  11. Would max sponge short pimples compensate for the ABS balls?

    Hi struggling with the ABS balls and short pimples! can't lift the ball finding my hits slow margin of error feels narrower? do short pimple guys think going to 2.0mm spectol red would help I use 1.8mm spectol red at the moment
  12. What is the diifference between the DHS balls D40+ and 40+?

    Looking for help to choose between the two types of DHS balls.
  13. Training Balls

    Its been a few years since I've trained seriously and trying to get back to it now. Our club still uses celluloid balls so I need to get my own plastic ones for training and multiball. Looking to get 60-100 for starters, probably 2* or more as will use them for training/practice matches as well...
  14. Any tips on dealing with dead balls?

    what is the best way of dealing with dead balls if someone uses antipower on there forhand? and fast dead balls services?
  15. Balls hitting the edge of the racket

    Problem: over the years, I've hit lots of ball on the edge of my racket. This usually happens when the ball jumps out at me with topspin and I try to forehand loop it (but I've had it happen before even when it's not spinny. sometimes happens long backspin pushes to my backhand). I'm just...
  16. Question about balls we get and pros get?

    i saw along time ago in the australian open the d40 balls with the print the red paddle on it and the normal one without it after feeling them they seem to be different and the white is also different. Do pros have different balls to us like rubbers? or am i just looking into it too much? im...
  17. DHS Balls

    I bought the DHS balls from a local store in packs of 6. The packaging had Ma Long's face on it. But when I used the balls on the table they bounced the same hieght has the 3 star Xiom Ball but when I started playing with it the DHS ball seemed to go off the table and when I hit the ball with...
  18. 40+ Balls & Its Effects Sorry that I didn't provide any translations but basically Chen Meng acknowledged (in the above interview) that the change to bigger plastic balls in recent years did work in her favour (or her style of play) to a certain extent. I don't quite...
  19. Why waiting for back spin balls drop before looping back works.

    Actually, hitting back spin balls at the peak makes the most sense from a physics point of view. There is a better line of sight to the other side of the table. However, there are problems that occur because we are human and not perfect. After I watched videos of others and me hitting too...
  20. BH against high bouncing balls

    How do you adjust your BH topspin stroke against higher balls? Not smash-high balls, but just balls that may kick up higher around chest level. Personally, it feels uncomfortable to be hitting the ball with BH at that height, and I cannot generate enough power to hit it with good quality.