1. Changing from esn to Chinese rubbers

    So I’ve been using esn rubbers for a while now, but I feel like chinese rubbers would suit my style better. I attack when I’m close to the table and chop when I’m away from it. Should I change. I’m thinking of going hurricane 3.
  2. Doubt about changing

    So I was thinking to buy a Clipper CR with Friendship Battle II in FH and Bluefire M2 on BH but I saw the Stiga OC and it's more flex than clipper. Should I buy the Clipper or the OC? I'm an intermediate player and I like to loop and block close-mid the table. Thanks!
  3. Changing the Grips of a racket

    Did anyone know how to change the grips from your racket like Fan Zhendong is doing it (Viscaria with VPS grips)?
  4. Am I mad? Thinking of changing style to modern defender

    I imagine the answer is probably yes and its the wrong idea, but.. I have been toying with the idea of changing style to a modern defender. What do you think are the skillsets or key strengths that fit that style? To see if they align. Ive always played with two reverse rubbers in an...
  5. Need help changing FH rubber please!!!!

    Hi everyone, I’m currently using Evolution MX-S on FH with Xiom Ignito ply. In my recent tournament I played very poorly with my forehand top spins going long most of the time. A senior player recommended me to switch to a slower rubber, can anyone please suggest me one! NOTE: I like to open...
  6. Changing from the Viscaria to the Long 5x

    Hello, my Viscaria is getting very old (4+ years), viscaria suits my playstyle alot, I use the the Hurricane 3 Provincial Blue Sponge in my forehand, tenergy 05-fx on my backhand, but I want to change things up, I do not wish to buy a new Viscaria. I am thinking of getting DHS Hurricane Long 5x...
  7. changing a broken ball during a match- do you need to try a new one out?

    When a ball is broken or cracked in a match, professional players try out the new ball by having a knock up before continuing play. Is this really necessary as during some tournaments such as T2 several balls are used. A new ball is thrown to the server rather than fetching the ball after a...
  8. changing bats?

    Does the paddle ever deteriorate? Or should you only buy a new one when you're upgrading?
  9. Hitler Reacts to ITTF's Game-Changing Announcement EC meeting, 20170923 EC meeting, 20171214
  10. Changing from Boosted Tenergy 05 to Boosted Tenergy 64 Issues

    Hello all, First of all, I don't want to open the common thread about boosting with Tenergy results. Sorry if I do. I've already done it and I liked(Tenergy 05), and I've searched about this and I would like to know your experience. With Falco Longterm Booster, Tenergy 05 with 1 layer has an...
  11. Changing from Long pips back to inverted rubber

    I've been playing for around 10 years, most of it on inverted rubber for my backhand, but 4 years ago I started using long pips for my backhand. I have quite a defensive play style, but I was thinking of changing my backhand rubber to inverted again. Should I do so, and if yes, which rubber...
  12. Zhou Yu magic tricks - changing racket during the match at Austrian Open

    How to change your racket during the match legally? Just peel rubber by yourself (watch from 29min 38sec): also interesting to note that he changed from DHS W968 to some other blade
  13. Changing to short pips - Should I do it and tips.

    Just a week ago, I decided to pull a trigger on RITC 802-40 short pips rubber on my BH. I thought to myself "WTH, let's just try this" and for me somewhat, short pips might makes sense. My level of play is probably a stable 1600-1650 USATT. My forte is in making good (either under or side)...
  14. Petition for the changing of the video angle

    Here is the promised petition: Advertise it for the better table tennis videos!
  15. Changing style to avoid bad habits

    Hi, I've just read about Ádám Pattantyús. Before table tennis he played tennis. His coach recommended him to be a defender because he had some bad stroke habits from the tennis, especially on the bh side. What do you think, it would be a good idea to suggest to learn a different style players...
  16. Changing my forehand rubber

    I want to change my forehand rubber due to it's weight. It is very straining to use, I am looking for a change hehe A rubber that has power that can produce tremendous spin while maintaining control. Suggestions?
  17. Changing from composite to allwood

    Hi guys! I currently play with Viscaria FL with Tenergy 05 on FH and Tenergy 64 on backhand(both unboosted). I would like to change to allwood, because university dont let me train every days :'( I play more in spin, more forehand oriented, backhand is more to hit or block, and sometimes lob...
  18. Changing rubbers

    Could someone please give me some advice on changing rubbers. When i peel off a rubber to put in on a different blade, the residual glue is tough to get off the sponge. I have to slowly peel it off using the my finger or thumb . This though disturbs the sponge and someof it comes away with the...
  19. changing clubs

    I was playing for a club that was close to my house. Now I moved and go to a different one. I want to play for the new one. Turns out the old one wants to actually receive money for my "pass". Is this common? Would you be upset if you weren't allowed to play for any club you wanted? It makes me...
  20. Suggestions on changing teams

    Hey guys, I am thinking on changing table tennis teams because of the lack of practice. I only train 2x a week for 3 hours each time we train. I really want to train more! I just love tt. I'm not saying that i am better than the other club members. I am one of the top players, but not the best...