1. China National Games 2021

    Hello I've just created this thread to talk about the upcoming China National Games. All the players did a physical test to enter to the event. I don't know anything about the schedule and the draws. Hope some of you have more infos to share
  2. Rubbers for beginner Chinese vs European

    Hi all, I have been playing as a penhold but I am now going to start playing as a shakehand. So I am going to need a new setup. I was thinking of buying the stiga all around classic. My biggest issue is what rubbers I am going to use. I want to use the chinese style of play because I enjoy...
  3. STIGA CRW7 China Exclusive info?review?

    Anybody got any information about the CRW7 review? Insight? thoughts? Don't see much posted about this blade as it is a China Exclusive, it's very beautiful and unique imo. I have a feeling that it's faster than a clipper but slower than RW7 and approx like RW5 but acts more like a clipper...
  4. Can you help me with Omega 7 China Guang and Ying?

  5. 2020 China National Championship

    Starting from 1st Oct to 10th Oct. Events including Men's and Women's singles, doubles, teams and mixed doubles will be played. 1~4 team events 5~10 Singles, doubles The main draw is not out yet. If you have additional information, feel free to add it here. I know that the player to qualify...
  6. When is the last time the China mens team lost a match?

    Perhaps this match in 2002 vs. Belgium???
  7. Qingdao, China

    Hello, My Name is Nick and a South Korean lives in Qingdao, China. Is there any foreign person loves TT in Qingdao, China? I live in Laoshan Area in Qingdao. Laoshan & Shinan Area are my place to enjoy TT. If you lives in Qingdao, Let's enjoy TT together. Please contact me by the mail...
  8. Xiom Omega 7 China Ying and Butterfly Dignics 09c Comparison Test

    XIOM OMEGA 7 CHINA YING VERSUS BUTTERFLY DIGNICS 09C I thought I was going crazy buying the Butterfly Dignics 09c just to test it side by side with the Xiom Omega 7 China Ying but here I am posting this review. I will be comparing these 2 with other rubbers as I go along with the...
  9. What does the Japanese Women's Team have to do to beat China in Tokyo 2020?

    How can the Japanese Women's Team beat China in Tokyo 2020? Hi guys! This is my first thread so I hope it doesn't violate any rules or anything. Given that Tokyo 2020 was postponed one year, until the summer of 2021, how can the Japanese Women's Team improve in order to increase their chances...
  10. Common Blades All-Wood Blades in China

    What are the most common All-Wood Blades in China, which the Player could use until the End of his Career? Something like all+ or off-. Price is irrelevant.
  11. Xiom Omega 7 China Guang and Ying

    Xiom Omega 7 China Guang Weight: 70 grams (uncut) Hardness: 55 degrees ESN Scale Speed: Extremely High Spin: Extremely High Xiom Omega 7 China Ying Weight: 72 grams (uncut) Hardness: 60 degrees ESN Scale Speed: Extremely High Spin: Extremely High Both of these rubbers are the latest rubbers...
  12. Wang chuqin China national championships blade

    Guys what blade and rubbers did wang chuqin for the china national championships. it doesnt look like a viscaria
  13. Authentic Stiga Blade from China?

    Hello everyone! I'm new to the forum but have been reading and browsing some of the many articles on this site. I'm loving it! I'm fairly new to table tennis and a friend of mine recently just bought me a stiga blade with 2 sides of rubber. Paid a good amount for this. Based on this forum's...
  14. Team China Visa Card

  15. Finding tt campus in china

    Hello family, I live now in Shenyang, China learning Chinese. I knew that Shenyang is centre of tabletennis here in China, I want to get the the most out of this opportunity to improve my tt level, does anyone know how can i find a pro intensive campus here. I see a lot of tt halls but none of...
  16. Simon Gauzy training at the age of 11 in CHINA!

    As you do, browsing around YouTube, just stumbled across this gem! Rare footage of Simon Gauzy training at the age of 11 in China! You can see the amount of feeling and control he had at the age of 11! See for yourself below:
  17. Back in china and need advice on what to buy

    I’ve previously made a post of me in China 2 years ago in a TT shop where I bought some DHS rubbers. I’ve now come back to the same place to check it out and the guy remembers me! He was so nice and said that he would give us a discount on the stuff we buy for our loyalty. I’m thinking of...
  18. Table tennis stores in China?

    I was wondering if someone could give me a list of addresses for table tennis stores in China (mainly around Xi'An or Beijing) The brands I am looking for are DHS, and Yinhe, but any other big brands would help. Also wondering how to make sure their products are authentic, aswell as if prices in...
  19. Joo Se Hyuk 2019 June Playing in China!

    Looks like Joo is back! New rubber combo too I think anyone know if its just a color switch or some new rubbers?
  20. China Open 2019

    The next platinum World Tour of 2019 begins this week, the prestigious China Open! A huge line up this week with Fan Zhendong entering as the number 1 seed! The line up consists of Harimoto, Xu Xin, Timo Boll, Dimitrij Ovtcharov and many more world class players! Ding Ninig the world number 1...