1. Vladimir Samsonov vs TableTennisDaily’s Dan!

    Hey guys, hope all is well. So I took on an absolute hero of our sport Vladimir Samsonov in a one set showdown! The wall of table tennis! Vladimir was inside the world top 10 for a staggering 15 years! This feat has only been surpassed by the table tennis GOAT Jan-Ove Waldner. Hope you like...
  2. World's Best Table Tennis Server Par Gerell vs Dan and Tom

    Hey guys! When producing the Par Gerell Masterclass, myself and Tom managed to take on Par in a one set table tennis showdown! Here’s how we got on! Find out how to do the Par Gerell Serves in our Masterclass here: https://tabletennisdailyacademy.com/packages/par-gerell-serving-masterclass/...
  3. Happy birthday Dan!

    Happy birthday to our TTD Founder. Despite the difficult times, you still deserve to have a blessed birthday and wishing you more wonderful years.
  4. TTDaily Dan v Simon Gauzy

    Simon kept his best shot for matchpoint ! he didn't like what Dan did to him on his 2nd serve....
  5. Simon Gauzy vs TableTennisDaily’s Dan!

    Hey guys, we're back with another 1 set challenge and this time it's with the creative French genius Simon Gauzy! Simon has been ranked as high as world number 8 and defeated Xu Xin at the 2019 World Table Tennis Championships! Safe to say he’s a pretty class act... Enjoy! Watch our full...
  6. Dan (TTD) and Matt (MHTT) Interview [VID]

    Hi all, here is the video from me and Dan's IG live. We tried to condense as much as possible into the 1 hour, could have gone on forever!
  7. Zoran Primorac vs TableTennisDaily’s Dan!

    Hey guys, we're back with another 1 set challenge and this time it's with table tennis legend Zoran Primorac! The Croatian player has been world ranked at number 2 and played in 7 Olympics Games, and won 2 World Cups! Zoran is still actively involved in table tennis, hes the Chair of the ITTF...
  8. DAN PLAYS REAL MATCH! | TableTennisDaily Team | Ep 8

    Yes guys! Here we go, our 8th episode of the TableTennisDaily Team! After many requests, it’s time… Dan has his debut! Join us on our quest to be the best we can be! We’re currently top of the table, in this episode we face a strong Wensum side who are currently 5th on the table. Have they got...
  9. Please give me link or tell about butterfly Schlage carbon light review.

    Please compare between timo boll spirit and Schlager carbon light blade. I’m now playing with butterfly timo boll blade and want to upgrade my blade.now can’t afford the timo zlc and so the more speed shalager carbon light blade offer low price . I m penhold reverse player and looper not hard...
  10. No Arms Table Tennis Player Ibrahim Hamato vs TableTennisDaily’s Dan!

    Recently we traveled to Egypt to meet Paralympic superstar Ibrahim Hamato. Ibrahim is famous for playing table tennis with just his mouth after losing his arms in a train accident when he was a child. In this video I got to experience Ibrahim’s skills myself. He really is incredible! Check it out!
  11. Pro Table Tennis Player with a Beginner Bat vs Dan

    Hey guys! Truls Moregard challenged me to a 1 set challenge during our recent DNA review, whereby he uses a beginner hobby bat and I use the bat from the DNA review. Who will win? Find out below:
  12. 17 year old Truls Moregard vs TableTennisDaily’s Dan!

    Hey guys, I'm back with another challenge match and this time it's with European hope Truls Moregard, hes just 17 years of age and causing a stir in the table tennis world! Thanks to everyone who entered into the competition to win the DNA rubbers signed by Truls Moregard! There were 982...
  13. World's Best Table Tennis Robot vs TableTennisDaily's Dan 2

    Yes guys, we're back with the World's Best Table Tennis Robot Forpheus at the Omron HQ in Japan in a behind the scenes clash! This machine is absolutely mind boggling, and plays so well it’s almost human! This is the 5.2 version an update to the 5.0 that we played earlier this year! It's...
  14. Kalinikos Kreanga vs TableTennisDaily's Dan

    Hey guys! New 1 set challenge and this time it's with the beast that is Kalinikos Kreanga! Former world number 9 and with the best backhand of all time, watch the 1 set challenge unfold below: Thanks to everyone who entered into the competition to win the Viscaria blade signed by Kreanga...
  15. Dimitrij Ovtcharov's Serves vs TableTennisDaily's Dan!

    Hey what's up guys! In the recent No.1 Senso blade review with Dimitrij Ovtcharov, I took on Dimitrij's serves, first to 10 points to see how good they really are! All I had to do was return the serve on the table to win the point! Be sure to watch the full video with Dimitrij Ovtcharov here.
  16. Wrong Handed Timo Boll vs TableTennisDaily's Dan!

    Hey guys! Bit of fun today. We all know how well Timo Boll swaps hands and plays an incredible right handed shot! So today we put his wrong hand to the test in a fun 1 set challenge match where I use my strong hand against Timo's weak hand :) Watch the video below:
  17. TableTennisDaily's Dan plays TEQPONG with Michael Maze | $50,000

    Hey guys! Recently I went to the TEQPONG headquarters in Hungary where I tried the new sport TEQPONG with Michael Maze! TEQPONG is a NEW racket sport using a curved table and it's AWESOME! In November will be the TEQPONG World Cup with $50,000 up for grabs! Enter the tournament by emailing...
  18. Michael Maze vs TableTennisDaily's Dan!

    Hey guys, here’s our new 1 set showdown with the one and only Michael Maze! During our review with Michael of the Tenergy 05 Rubber we challenged the former European Champion and absolute table tennis legend to a 1 Set Showdown! Enjoy!
  19. Any TTD members at the WTTC in Budapest?

    Hello, everyone! I will be in Budapest for the WTTC men's semifinals and finals and wanted to ask if any more TableTennisDaily members will be there in the same period. Cheers!
  20. World's Best Table Tennis Robot vs TableTennisDaily's Dan!

    Heyyyy Everyone!! Today I met my first ever non-human table tennis player, Forpheus from Omron at the Messe Exhibition Center in Hanover, Germany. This machine is absolutely incredible and has inbuilt features such as artificial intelligence and the ability to learn from the opponent! What I...