1. Backhand Rubbers of Donic

    What are the best backhand rubbers for Donic? I have tried Donic Bluestorm Z1 (Blue) and my forehand is H3 Blue sponge. I rarely flat drive or punch in my backhand, its more like an emergency or play safe receive I am looking for a backhand that has excellent amount of control, thanks!
  2. Copy of Viscaria - The miracle recipe

    Hello everybody ! My friend discovered Butterfly Viscaria blade and loves it! Unfortunately, due to certain partnerships he is obliged to play with brands like Tibhar, Donic, Victas, Xiom, Andro, Joola, Yasaka and Stiga. What do you think would be the most similar blade from these...
  3. Lower quality of table tennis blades - Donic

    I must share my unpleasant experience with blade from Donic. I ordered Donic Persson Off World Champion 89 (ST). It is stated as best quality blade from Donic, but... first blade has damaged top plye (and unbalanced surface). After reclamation I get new blade but it has some imperfections too. I...
  4. Best rubber similar to Acuda s1

    Anyone have any suggestions for rubbers with the same characteristics as Donic's Acuda? If so, let me know! Thank you!
  5. Donic Dotec Blades

    peoples thoughts on the donic dotec blade range. Do we like them? 👍 or 👎 be good to hear peoples feedback/review on any of them
  6. Donic alternative to Yasaka Ma Lin Extra Offensive

    Hi! I'm currently using a Yasaka Ma Lin Extra Offensive FL with Rakza 7 Soft Max on both sides. I love the feel of this setup but the handle of the blade is too small for my large hands. I have two Donic blades, Applegren Allround and Waldner Senso Carbon which have handles that feel good in...
  7. Long Life to Hybrid Rubbers 🏓 🙌

    I've been training for almost 2 weeks with Hybrid Rubbers. Andro? No, Tibhar? No 🙌 Donic Bluestar A1 I don't miss DNA Dragon Grip anymore. Max on FH and 2.0 on BH. No booster + Cybershape Carbon. Only making good memories now. The rubber has a long high arc. It felt like DNA Dragon Grip with...
  8. Forehand rubber recommendations

    Hi, I am currently playing with the M1 on my forehand on a Donic Waldner Senso Ultra Carbon blade. I normally loop on my forehand. I just wanted to know, does the Tenergy 64 loop better than the M1?
  9. Donic Baracuda / Tibhar Genius alternative with less catapult

    Are there any newer generation Rubber like Donic Barracuda oder Tibhar Genius? I know Xiom Vega X or TSP Super Ventus. All the newer rubber have a lot of spin when you hit right and brush good. But most the time i use to much force and i play with more speed then spin. I found it a lot harder...
  10. Donic Ovtcharov/Original №1 Senso / Hurricane Long 5 for new player question.

    Hello everyone! New to this forum, my first post! Thank you for reading! I want to ask your opinion about particular blade - Donic Ovtcharov/Original №1 Senso. But first some information: My equpment: Yasaka Ma Lin Soft Carbon + Yinhe Jupiter 2 soft both sides (soft is vendor specific...
  11. Donic-Schildkrot Balls

    Hello to everyone, As searching the online stores I found table tennis balls under the name of Donic but the stamp had the name Schildkrot. After a search I came across a website . I don't know if its just the same word or its just a side business project of...
  12. Donic Elite Carbon??

    Has anybody tried this blade? How does it compare to the ovtcharov true caron or waldner senso carbon v1?
  13. FS: Multiple Racket Setups

    Selling a like new DHS Hurricane Long V paddle with Donic Bluefire M1 Turbo Rubbers. Used for only one session. I just have too many paddles and have decided to sell some of my paddles. Selling for $180 including rubbers and shipping in US. The pictures speak for themselves. This is...
  14. FS: Donic Dyjas Ultra Power, Gambler Fire Dragon Touch, Simon Gauzy Quest Off, more

    - Donic Dyjas Ultra Power - 35€, Mint condition, no dings, no scratches, slight wing discoloration normal for limba - W968-8 clone - 45$, selected on my request, good quality core and ebony top, comes with Sanwei Target 90 - Donic Appelgren Allplay V2 - 20€, I will give free rubbers to it (they...
  15. FS: Donic Ovtcharov No. 1 Senso, Cornilleau Simon Gauzy Quest Off

    Hello, I am selling these two blades because I'm not using them anymore and they may serve someone well. Both blades are discontinued, so may be hard to find otherwise. I preffer to ship to EU/UK/US, shipping paid by buyer. Photos in link below...
  16. FS: Donic Crest OFF

    Donic Crest Off flared handle excellent condition, one little nick £55 plus postage £4 uk postage
  17. question donic blade

    is there any difference between this blade and the current donic persson power carbon? thanks.
  18. Butterfly Innerforce ALC or Donic Waldner Senso Carbon

    Hello, well i hope that i can start playing soon. Well last season i switched between normal spin game and long pips. Well the goal was defence but most of the time the opponnent pushed and yeah if i use the pips the ball goes high or they are afraid and i win because of them. I wanted to...
  19. donic baum + bluestorm z2

    fs: donic baum + bluestorm z2 I never used it to play real tt. just to hit against the wall in my house. still there's already some traces of usage as you can see in the black rubber. price is 110 USD + shipping
  20. FS: Donic Ovtcharov Senso Carbon V1

    Hello everyone; I'm selling a Donic Ovtcharov Senso Carbon V1 the blade is in perfect condition, I only used it 2 times. My price is 40 euros, the shipment cost will be calculated later (the cost may vary by country). If you have any question, don't esitate to ask me.