1. Fan Zhendong and Ma Long's bat warped?

    Saw these screen shots on my feed, and the bats do look warped by Ma Long and Fan Zhendong. Do you have more info on this ? This is Fan Zhendong's against hugo Ma Long's bat
  2. 16 year old Fan Zhengdong vs 16 year old Harimoto, who's better

    Fan zhengdong started international competition from 15 and quickly moved up the rank, and Harimoto obviously started much earlier. Who do you think it is the better or more complete player at age of 16? I think Harimoto at this point is slightly better than FZD at 16, but it's not by too much.
  3. Streaming on youtube Fan Zhendong and Xu Xin play

    12th August 20:00-21:00 Fan Zhendong vs Yu Ziyang 21:00-22:00 Xu Xin vs Xu Chenhao (GMT+8)
  4. MOG's D09c Thread: Now Closed

    HEY CRAZY FOOLS!! Butterfly have not just invented tacky rubbers with Dignics 09c!! Ever heard of Hurricane, or Battle 2 or Sanwei Target National or Palio Thors or a really fast one is Nittaku Hurricane and then there is Big Dipper!! ;);););););)
  5. Is it the end for fan made content of table tennis?

    Resolved. Need to be removed (with the request of ITTF). :)
  6. Timo Boll vs Fan Zhendong | Amazing Match | Austrian Open 2019

    One of the best matches we've seen in a long time! Timo Boll vs Fan Zhendong in today's semi final at the Austrian Open!
  7. Fan Zhendong vs Liang Jingkun Highlights(Men's Single Semi-Finals - German Open 2019)

    Hi Guys, I made a video highlight of the SF match between FZD and LJK. Hope you guys like it. Cheers!
  8. Amazing Points and Interesting Fan Made Videos

    Hello friends:D i will present you Amazing Points and Interesting Fan Made Videos:D
  9. Fan Zhendong's Infinity Viscaria 2019 (blue Arylate layer spotted)

    (Edit: Updated Video) Thanks to the exceptional non-potato ITTF footage we now have a clear answer to Fan Zhendongs Infinity VPS (custom?) blade, I guess. (ITTV video: World Championships 2019 Doubles 1/2: Fan Zhendong / Ding Ning vs Xu Xin, Liu Shiwen; time: 45min:49sec) For comparison I just...
  10. What is Fan Zhendong using on Backhand?

    Fan Zhendong's backhand rubber seems to have red sponge. Dignics 05?
  11. The Ultimate ZJK Fan

  12. Hugo Calderano beats Fan Zhendong

    Simply amazing. The Brazilian Hugo Calderano, the only non-asian player still in the competition, knocks out world number 1, Fan Zhendong! Incredible!
  13. Fan Zhendong still wears Mizuno, though Li Ning is CNT‘s main supplier

    Seems like the new World Cup Champ still prefers his old Mizunos. I guess Li Ning is not amused :D
  14. [CNT Tutorial] Ep 8: Fan Zhendong's FH Back-to-back Quick Loop

    Per member Fabian's request. This one didn't take long to finish but it took me a while to start working on it since Hong Kong was blessed by Typhoon Mangkhut a week ago.
  15. Ma Long Vs Fan Zhendong - A Great Rivalry

    I figured that we might be revisiting this topic over and over for the next two years (by the Olympics, it might be a foregone conclusion but who knows, Ma Long may have a version of the Lazarus pit or a hyperbaric chamber in his basement). So in honor of the highly anticipated battle scheduled...
  16. How to Backhand Flick like Fan Zhendong | Table Tennis

    Hey guys, Here’s a coaching video from the TableTennisDaily Academy on how to do the modern backhand flick. This shot is becoming more and more popular in todays game and becoming pivotal in the receive of serve situations. The video is a quick over on the backhand flick with some slow motion...
  17. How did Tomo beat Fan at the Asian Cup?

    Tomo has developed tactics extremely similar to those of Chinese superstar, Liang JingKun, the 21 year-old Super League player, and Chinese # 4 this year. There is little mystery how Tomo beat Fan Zhendong since JingKun has beaten Fan Zhendong quite recently, and Fan has now made several...
  18. Did Fan Zhendong lose to Harimoto on purpose? (Asian Cup 2018)

    Hello, I didn't want to disrespect the performance of "Harimoto Tomokazu" over Fan Zhendong. But not only me, but many viewers on the Chinese forum, has mentioned about the bracket. At the same time of the match Fan Zhendong vs Harimoto, Lin Gaoyuan was struggling with Lee Sangsue (0-2 down)...
  19. Why is the Tomo victory over Fan Zhendong match not available?

    It seems very odd that one of the most significant matches in years is not available.
  20. Harimoto defeats Fan Zhendong | Asian Cup 2018

    Incredible news just in from Japan! Tomokazu Harimoto has just defeated world number 1 Fan Zhendong at the Asian Cup! Here's some footage of the event here: This is massive news with the World Team Championships taking place in a few weeks time!