help choose equipment

  1. Assistance/advice with equipment upgrade (1st custom racket) (Update!)

    Hello, everyone! I am glad to join this community. I am a fairly new player from Lithuania and I've have started and made incredible amount of progress in 7 months period. My love for table tennis has also reached new heights. In short and straight to the point - I've been using a pre-made...
  2. Help choosing blade!

    Hello! I need help to find a penhold blade. I have been asking around in the forums but it's not right and so I wanted to make a proper thread and see what comes out of it. A few months ago I bought a stiga azalea off (jttaa) cpen, 87grams. It's very heavy for me and end up with a sore wrist...
  3. Need advice for buying my second bat.

    Hello, I have played table tennis for a year, and loved it. I didn't know much when I bought my first bat, so It's not the best you could ever buy. This is a reason why I came here and asked for better advice. Please give me suggestions for my rubber, blade, glue and some advice on sticking the...
  4. need help with my equipment

    Hi I've been playing table tennis for two months and I am going to buy a new bat but I can't choose a blade and rubbers, I was thinking about Timo boll allround with butterfly rozena, what do you guys think about?