1. Yasaka Rakza7 vs Andro Hexer Grip/powergrip SFX

    Recently switched from r7 soft on bh on a slow wood blade (Stiga energy wood) to Hgrip sfx on a faster blade (Nittaku acoustic) I feel as tho the hexer has less grip like the ball almost slides on the rubber instead of properly gripping it and like i have to hit the ball more with the hexer as...
  2. Hexer grip/powergrip /sfx + new setup

    So currently using stiga energy wood wrb, FH H3 provinicial, BH rakza 7 SOFT. Like it but sometimes abit too slow now that im developing in skill. New setup same FH, nittaku acoustic wood, BH one of the hexers Thinking of getting one of those 4 hexer rubbers as my new BH but not sure which one...
  3. Alternative that sits between Andro Hexer Grip and R47

    So I've been playing with Andro Hexer Grip and R47 on my forehand lately. I play them on an Andro Treiber CI off blade, which is not too fast, not too slow. Both rubbers are great, both with their pros and cons. The R47 is great for adding some pressure in your attacks. The balls go quite fast...
  4. andro Hexer Grip and Powergrip SFX Rubber Review

    Hey guys! Here's our latest full and comprehensive review of the new Hexer Grip and Powergrip SFX rubbers! This series has 4 rubbers that all vary in sponge hardness. I'm joined by Tom in the TableTennisDaily Studio where we give the rubbers a full in depth analysis on how it performs. We see...
  5. andro Hexer Grip SFX and Powergrip SFX

    After a previous opportunity to test andro Hexer Grip (45 ° sponge) and Powergrip (47.5 ° sponge), I became a big fan of these rubbers. I have already had few couples of these and I still have them on both main rackets. That's why I did not hesitate when I was given the opportunity to test their...
  6. How does Andro Hexer Grip compare to Tenergy 05?

    Hi guys, I'm looking for someone to compare Andro Hexer Grip to Tenergy 05 please! Will the Hexer Grip be good for a modern defence game? Thanks!
  7. Review Andro Hexer Grip vs Powergrip

  8. Sup. What's the difference between Hexer Grip and the Rasanter series?

    Comparisons would be nice. Rasanter is said to be one of the best new rubbers, but hexer grip is even newer than that, so. thanks.
  9. Hexer Grip and Powergrip

    Hello guys, I would like to review two hot Andro brand new rubbers from Hexer series. New Hexers are the next stage of development that combines the best of the previous series Hexer and Rasant. Both of these rubbers were launched at the end of August and they are promising us a new solution to...
  10. Andro Hexer grip & powergrip

    Hi, I found out that the Andro has released two new rubbers: the hexer grip and power grip versions. I have not found reviews on google, but only this video: Someone who speaks Japanese could translate it? Has anyone got to try these new rubbers?
  11. Is Andro hexer 1,9 good as bh rubber

    I just ordered a Andro Hexer 1,9 red rubber to my bh. Is it good on bh??? Any who knows it as a bh rubber??? I play with Tenergy 05 1,9 ad fh rubber on my Donic Epox Powerallround blade Hope to get answers on good responding on Hexer on bh
  12. Andro Hexer Powersponge VS Donic Acuda S3

    Hello, I wanted to debate these two rubbers: ANDRO HEXER POWERSPONGE AND DONIC ACUDA S3. And at the same time help you choose one for my backhand. I welcome your comments, thank you very much. Greetings from Peru.:) PS: sorry for using google translate my English is bad.
  13. Backhand for my Forehand, please.

    Hi, I'm from Peru. Recently playing with Andro Hexer + for my forehand, it is a good eraser ... but my backhand got Globe 999, and in my opinion is very hard and sticky and when I want to play away from the table can not be trusted at. I wish I could recommend a backhand rubber for me to make a...
  14. New Andro hexer / hexer HD red / black for sale

    For sale:- 1 x Andro Hexer - red - 2.1mm 1 x Andro Hexer - black - 2.1mm 1 x Andro Hexer HD - black - 2.1mm All new and unopened - can sell separately and will post worldwide
  15. Stiga Sense 7.6 + Stiga Magna TX II and Andro Hexer Power Sponge

    Hi TTD members... I wana get some experts advises and reviews of the users about the combination of Stiga Sense 7.6 with Stiga Magna TX II at FH and Andro Hexer Power Sponge BH. Could any one have used this combination ??? I have this one. I fee stiga sense to be quite stiff but the grip and...
  16. timo boll alc with hexer powersponge?

    Hello guys, I'm thinking of buying a hexer powersponge for my backhand, but is it a good rubber and gives it his best prestations with my timo boll alc? Has some on experience with it?
  17. Adro hexer

    Hello i am thinking to give a try to Andro hexer. My blade is andro hinoki zylon and i play close to mid distance. and i am loop most of the time what is your opinion about hexer rubber? and also i want your opinion about rasant .
  18. Butterfly sriver g3 or hexer powersponge?

    Hey , i want to buy a new rubber, what do you think is de best sriver g3 or hexer powersponge?
  19. Andro Hexer HD

    There is new rubber from Andro, named Andro Hexer HD .. It seems to be a very good and favorite rubber! Here is more info: Modern table tennis is becoming more complex day by day. To enable you to keep step with new trends, we designed andro Hexer HD. During the development of this fourth...
  20. Andro Hexer

    Hello! I am using Andro Hexer + and Andro Hexer powersponge for a while, I want to ask - does anyone else use these rubbers? Quality of my table tennis went really up, after I voted for this, after having Butterfly rubbers.. they didnt work that much for me.. Powersponge helped me with backhand...