1. Help me choose blade please. - Joola or Stiga

    Hello, new in this forum. I have been playing ping pong for years but never at a professional level, so i dont really have that much info nor knowledge about rubbers, blades ect. Im playing much more now so id like some recommendations.. Joola Infinity overdrive or Stiga Evolution Performance...
  2. Copy of Viscaria - The miracle recipe

    Hello everybody ! My friend discovered Butterfly Viscaria blade and loves it! Unfortunately, due to certain partnerships he is obliged to play with brands like Tibhar, Donic, Victas, Xiom, Andro, Joola, Yasaka and Stiga. What do you think would be the most similar blade from these...
  3. Joola customer support - Joola Dynaryz ZGX

    Hello everyone, I was wondering if any of you know a good way to get in contact with Joola customer service. I want to get a new ZGR rubber but saw that in local stores i can order the new ZGX. However i can find very little information regarding this rubber, even on the Joola website. I sent...
  4. Should i buy joola rossi emotion or sanwei hynover ?

    Joola rossi emotion: Sanwei hynover: Need suggestions. Thanks
  5. Upcoming Joola rubbers

    Joola is releasing five new rubbers (sometime this year). Dynaryz Inferno seems to have their latest "Kinetic tension surface" technology, and has a maximum speed rating. Seems to be an update/upgrade of the Dynaryz ACC/AGR. Dynaryz ZGX seems to be an update/upgrade of Dynaryz ZGR. Three new...
  6. Why my new Joola Pro-tour Net & Post set only has one side of metal tension beads

    Hi guys, I just bought a new net set of Joola Pro-tour table tennis net, and it comes with only one side of tension beads (pic attached), is this intended?
  7. Joola using different sponges for Red and Black Dynaryz ZGR

    Just received two new sheets of Joola Dynaryz ZGR, and much to my surprise, they are using notably different sponges. As you can see below, the red (left) has much smaller pores than the black (right). The more porous black sponge looks the same as my old black sheet. I purchased both from...
  8. Opinion on Joola Tezzo Warrior

    Hi All, Whats your opinion about the Tezzo Warrior? What rubbers would go well with this blade? Hard/tacky rubbers since its an Inner Carbon structure or any other opinions. Thanks!
  9. Joola TPE fight or Long 5

    Joola TPE fight Has anyone used Joola TPE Fight? How does it play compared to long 5 if you have also used? Does it pair well with chinese rubbers? Do you like? When was it launched?
  10. FS: Joola quattro carbon, Dynaryz AGR max red, Dynaryz ACC max black

    Hello everyone, I would like to sell this setup. I saw the blade online and due to it having 4 carbon layers it caught my attention. I tried the blade and have to say it feels very nice. You'd think that due to the 4 carbon layers it would feel like a brick, but nothing is more from the truth...
  11. JOOLA Rosskopf (Rossi) Emotion too slow and Treiber FO OFF and Timo Boll ALC too fast

    Hi, I have been trying to find an Adidas Fibertech Classic alternative and i decided to give the JOOLA Rosskopf (Rossi) Emotion a try. The rubbers are Rasanter R47 MAX on both sides. The control and blocking is amazing but i'm surprised that the bat it slower than the Fibertech Classic with...
  12. Joola Nature

    Anyone on the forum use or tried a Joola Nature? Be a good blade for mid pimples on bh? Maybe a bit more controlled than Sanwei Fextra?
  13. Joola Rossi emotion normal vs PBO-c

    Hello everyone, I had a question about the Joola rossi emotion normal and the pbo-c version. They both have the same wood setups, only the carbon layer is different where the normal one uses 3K-c and the PBO-c version well.... PBO-c. When looking at the catalogue we can see the following values...
  14. Which Joola rubber is most similar to Tenergy 05fx

    Out of the various Rhyzm and Rhyzer rubbers, are any similar in spin, speed and arc to Tenergy 05 fx? I assume Rhyzer 43 would be closest reading the blurb?
  15. Joola Rossi Emotion - needs lacquering / varnish ???

    Hello guys , please i need an advice. I have acquired a brand new Joola Rossi emotion blade, my question is if its need lacquering. I have got an original varnish for table tennis blades. I´m little bit worried about the hinoki outer ply. What do you recommend ? Thank you, sincerely Maros -...
  16. Joola Vyzaryz Blades

    After a long delay in shipping and being stuck in customs for a month, I finally have these blades from Joola. I could have gotten these as early as May but the Covid situation affected us all but I am thankful Joola USA sent these blades to me while most people around the planet still have not...
  17. FS: JOOLA Rossi Emotion - ST - 86g w/nearly new R48

    SOLD Joola Rossi Emotion Table Tennis blade with a pair of Rasanter R48 (Max) - £45 (£35 for just the blade) The blade is in great condition - missing the Joola tag on the end of the handle but that's all. I have smoothed the sharp edges around the neck. The R48 (max) has been tested for about...
  18. Joola Rossi Emotion (JRE) still relevant for the ABS ball?

  19. Joola Vyzaryz Blades

    Hi, Have anybody tried they new Joola Vyzaryz Trinity or Joola Vyzaryz Hybrid Blades ?? I have the Joola Rosskopf Emotion PBO-C blade and really like that.
  20. Joola Rossi Emotion - what would be similar performing blades in other brands

    Greetings! I have been using an old Joola Rossi Emotion for several years now. I bought it second hand. Joola Rossi Emotion (JRE) is my choice among my dozen or so wood and carbon blades. I can't find a supplier for my blade in the country. I wonder what would be the equivalent or similar in...