1. World Junior Championships (WJTTC) 2019 in Karat, Thailand

    Need a thread for this. USA boys and girls made it to the QF. US boys lost a spirited match to Chinese Taipei (3‐2). US girls lost to Japan (3‐1) with Amy Wang living up to her billing and upsetting Miyu Nagasaki (depending on which ranking system gives you the favorite).
  2. Xu Xin Junior!!!

    Rumour has it Xu Xin is a dad. I guess now we know his secret to his form. https://twitter.com/ittfworld/status/1173808798936391682
  3. Training with the Chinese Junior A Team and Japan Cadets A Team

    Training with the Chinese Junior Team Hi Everyone, In a dozen days, I will be at the Belgian Open Junior in Spa. This year, this Open will be very strong with the presence of the Junior Chinese Team and the Japanese Cadets Team. Also maybe the Chinese Cadets Team, but I'm not sure. I will...
  4. WJC Swedish Junior & Cadet Open - Safir International 2018

    [Videos] WJC Swedish Junior & Cadet Open - Safir International 2018 For this match I recommend watching with 2x speed.
  5. Chopper vs attacker in final of Bristol Junior open 4 star event Dec 2017

    Since the introduction of the plastic 40+ ball, forum wisdom states that defenders are at an extreme advantage. Here are two juniors (under 17) going at it in a classic matchup of attacker vs defender. Background, Joseph Hee from London (Fusion TTC) and Singapore is ranked at number 3 in the...
  6. World Junior Championships 2017

    The World Junior Championships has commenced and is held in Riva Del Garda on 26 Nov to 3 Dec 2017. Watch the matches live here. Number 1 seed Xue Fai - Photo by: Deng Xiaozhao Main Draw Boys Singles Girls Singles We can use this thread as a means to display all the latest results...
  7. Tomokazu Harimoto not in the current World Junior Championship

    I have searched over the web and I didn't manage to find anything about why Tomokazu Harimoto is not playing in the current World Junior Championship. I would love to see him play against the chinese juniors. If anybody knows why he is not participating please write here.
  8. NG Pak Nam vice-champion of the junior world

  9. 4th BANGLADESH Junior National Table Tennis Championship 2017

  10. Tomokazu Harimoto Becomes Youngest World Junior Champion Of All Time!

    The 13 year old boy wonder has done it! Tomokazu Harimoto becomes the youngest ever Junior Boys World Champion in Cape Town, South Africa! Tomokazu Harimoto falls to the floor in celebration! - Photo by: ITTF Flickr! The young Japanese superstar Harimoto, who burst onto the scene last year by...
  11. World Junior Champs 2016 Boys final on now

    World Junior Champs 2016 Boys final on now, in RSA. Sensation Tomokazu Harimoto is up vs Cho Seungmin from Korea. http://tv.ittf.com
  12. The Japanese Dominate The Team Event At The World Junior Championships 2016!

    The Team Event FINAL of the World Junior Championships took place yesterday on the 3rd December 2016. The prestigious event held in Cape Town, South Africa created history as Japan for the first time ever won both the Junior Boys and Junior Girls Team Event Titles. The only other country to ever...
  13. The Table Tennis Mannequin Challenge!

    The online craze #mannequinchallenge has took the internet by storm over the last few weeks! There have been many table tennis submissions of the mannequin challenge! Below is ITTF's submission of the Mannequin Challenge at the World Junior Championships! For more news on the World Junior...
  14. World Junior Championships 2016

    The World Junior Championships has commenced! Action will take place from 30th November to 7th December 2016. Full news, fixtures, seedings and schedule to follow shortly. e can use this thread as a means to display all the latest results, videos and news from this spectacular World Tour...
  15. France/ Regional club (French Alps) is looking for a junior coach-player

    Hi Everyone, We are a french club, 120 players, permanent table tennis table room of 6 tables, located in the French Alps, at the very border with Switzerland, 2kms from Geneva. We recruited last year our head coach, a belgian guy, thanks to whom we really improved. We are now looking for...
  16. Hungarian Junior Champs Final video

    I know that it's hard and inaccurate, but could you estimate their playing level in the American rating system?
  17. World Junior Table Tennis Championships 2015

    The World Junior Table Tennis Championships takes place in Vendee, France and begins on the 29th November and concludes on the 6th December 2015. Stage 1 from the team events will begin on the 29th November. The finals of the team event will start on the 2nd December. The singles events will...
  18. Equipment advice for progressing junior

    Hello I am 14 and have been playing table tennis for about 10 months now. I am a quick learner and have been progressing very quickly so far. So far have played in several tournaments this year with some good wins and losses. I currently use the Palio Legend Blade (premade), the dawei super...
  19. 2015 Nikon Hong Kong Junior & Cadet Open

    I know that it is rare to discuss junior events here, but with all due respect to other junior events, the Hong Kong Open is one of the very few junior events (perhaps the only one aside from China Junior Open) that the Chinese team participates in regularly. Some notable names that have been...
  20. 2015 Asian Junior & Cadet Championships

    It's always interesting to follow/predict who the top players of the future will be, and the continental (and world) junior championships are a great way to do that. Here are the full results, including a full line-up of players from this year's Asian Junior Championships, which were held in...