1. Korean Youtube Lady Star Ggong-Yang Sandbags Big-Time in Wine Handicap Match

    Korean Youtuber Ggong-Yang makes her way to a TT themed wine grog place and is a HUGE sandbagger in the crappy bat TT match. She has a quick drink with owner, then a couple TT matches with old bats on crappy table. She gives up two points and doesn't need a single atacking shot or aggressive...
  2. Korean Amateur TT Clubs - Teams Championships Final Dec 2019

    I found a vid on a teams championship for amateur Korean TT Club Teams... not surprising is Park Ji-Soo lady 2x inverted player is in the middle of the TROUBLE. These are handicap matches... so if someone got a 3 pt handicap, it is likely they were a Div 3 player facing a Div 1 player.
  3. Seo Hyo Won's sister plays vs Korean Amateur dudes

    Hi All, Seo Hyo Young, the sister of KNT Chopper SHW, does a lot of youtube vids. Here, she plays vs some amateur Korean dudes in handicap matches streamed live on her channel last summer. Korea is uber humid in summer, so you see stuff getting wiped a lot. Hyo Young is prolly around 2400...
  4. Higher Level Korean Amateur OX LP Div 1 lady in City Tourney vs Div 0

    Hi All, Here is some higher level typical lady OX LP play... typical play style, but way higher level as ave level of ladies are Div 5 or Div 4. Most Korean OX LP ladies do NOT have a FH topspin, this one has a consistent, but weakish FH openers and very strong FH hit, which is typcical of...
  5. DaeJeon Korean Amateur PRO Div Final Dec 2020

    Hi everyone, Continuing vids to show what amateur tourneys in Korea are like. This is the finals of the Pro Div. The typical player in this Div is pro trained school athlete or even an occasional ex-pro TTer. Median level is USATT 2500+ some are much higher. Both of these look under 2600 level...
  6. 2 Korean Natl Div 1 Level Players BH Blast Battle - ZERO Short Serves

    HI TTD, Here is a vid form a National Level TT Tourney way down in GooMi Korea... Macho Man Korean Dude (Big power is not enough power) vs the typical Korean top level female play style (Punch everything and damn the spin) Neither of these players are even remotely interested in serving...
  7. Your Typical Amateur Korean TT Club Long Pimples Auntie

    Here is a vid from a club comp womens club Div 3 vs Div 3. Most players are Div 4 or 5 in the average TT club in Korea. This vid shows the basic simple tactics of OX LP for women at the club. When I was in Korea, 3/4 of the women over 40 used OX LP on BH and played just like this auntie does.
  8. Abros - Korean Company! C50 Spruce Frame Blade & A50 Walnut Frame Blade, 40+ ABS Ball

    Abros - Korean Company! C50 Spruce Frame Blade & A50 Walnut Frame Blade, 40+ ABS Ball Abros Blades + 40+ ABS Ball Abros is a Korean table tennis company which produces their own blades, balls and an incoming rubber according to my contact. Basing on their website, the company is called...
  9. Real Korean national shirts

    is it possible to get the national shirt of the korean players imo they look pretty dam good the yellow version if so how much and where and are they legit?
  10. Chiquita Lesson from Korean National Team Player

    2019 Czech Open Men Doubles & Mixed Doubles Champion, Cho Deasung, S.Korean National Young Player! The Lesson of the Chiquita by Korean Rising Star for TT https://youtu.be/JK5_8jdQqWw
  11. Yoo Nam Gyu teaching Smashng with a famous Korean TT vid creator

    YNG teaches smashing, then a spin 5 times and try to knock cups off table contest. Enjoy.
  12. ITTF Korean Open 2019

    First Stage: 2 to 3 July 2019 | Main Event: 4 to 7 July 2019 - ML and FZD in the same half again (not same quarter!) - Can Falck regain the promise shown during the WTTC two months ago? - Unfortunate for the host nation but Jeong & Jang will likely meet during the round of 16 - Repeat of...
  13. Joo Sae Hyuk vs famous Korean Amateur Player

    JSH goofing around to a win.
  14. Another Typical Korean Amateur TT Tourney

    Here is what an amateur TT tourney in Korea looks like... costs 10 USD for singles, 10 USD for doubles, 10 USD for team event... free raffle prizes at midpoint. This vid has to Nexy sponsored Div 2 players - NATIONAL LEVEL. Typically, that is 2200-2350 USATT level. This is a university tourney...
  15. Match Against a Korean Girl

    Match Against a Korean Girl (High School) https://youtu.be/Bwpep3Jqr0k
  16. [LHTT #51_Korean Coach Lesson] For Better Backhand Topspin

  17. S.H.Y. teaches BH Flick in Korean... with English Subtitles !!

    One of the few youtube Korean TT vids with English subtitles. Bat this one around... pun intended. S.H.Y. (Seo Hyo Young) is the sister of Korean Chopper Seo Hyo Won.
  18. A typical Korean Amateur TT Tourney

    Here is a vid of a match from your typical Korean Amateur TT Tourney. Note, the gym is always a city/municipal gym with upper floor seats (where your club claims a hundred of them and cooks lunch !!) Note, they all got scorekeepers, always, even if it is a player in group. Note, they coach...
  19. How a Korean Outfit makes their bats

    I have often said Korean coaches use their forearm as a roller, now video proof of a pro shop doing it... well, the sister of a pro. She is Seo Hyo Young... sister of national player SHW the chopper. Here is how they did it right before I left Korea... with roller...
  20. [LHTT #41_Match in Korea] Against Korean Coach (Chinese Penholder) 180831