1. Amateur Div 2 Famous Youtuber plays vs Lee Sang Soo

    Korean youtuber "Tak-Kyu" shows a handicap match vs Lee Sang Soo where he gets 5 pts. Lee Sang Soo is trying a bit harder in this vid than in the other "Tak_Kyu vids he does with Samsung Life Coach's team (LSS is on that team), but it is obvious Lee Sang Soo is not going full out on every...
  2. Lee sang su teaching backhand, can anybody translate

    Hi guys, Lss is teaching Bh, But I dont understand. Maybe Dr. Echte can translate? https://youtu.be/ZLEZc0k__7A
  3. Fan Zhendong does Bruce Lee impression!

    Adam Bobrow meets Fan Zhendong in this brilliant interview on the 'ITTF Ask a pro anything challenge'! Questions have been submitted in by users around the world, Fan Zhendong plays clash of clans, does an impression of Bruce Lee and much more! Enjoy!
  4. Lee Sang Su and Kim Min Seok Training in Bulgaria

    Lee Sang Su and Kim Min Seok Training in Bulgaria Two of the best Korean players in the training hall. The last point is in Waldner style :)
  5. New Playboy Video with Soo Leon Lee!

    Table Tennis star Soo Leon Lee has just given table tennis more sex appeal than ever! Watch Soo Yeon Lee serve up the sexy. Is this the hottest table tennis video of all time? Video removed due to some posters expressed reservations in regards to this content. We do have a very large number of...
  6. Lee Sports DHS Hurricane Provincial Blue Sponge, Real or Fake?

    Has anyone bought the DHS Hurricane PBS from lee sports before? If anyone has, can you please tell me if it's a real one or a fake one.
  7. Ask WR. 22 Lee Sang Su a question on TTD

    Hey guys :) We are still awaiting the answers from Kim Min Seok's questions, he is very busy at the moment. However we now have the chance to ask a question to Korean Nation team mate Lee Sang Su. It will be a lot easier to talk with Lee Sang Su, so I guarantee a response as soon as possible...
  8. Interview: Lee Sang Su (KOR)

    Hey all, I'm creating a new page where I plan to post interviews of professional players from around the world, and report on TT news. I'm dedicated to making this an informative and interesting page, and first off will need to shamelessly ask that you can help get started here and on Facebook...
  9. LEE Sang Su

    Ma Long was awful today against LEE Sang Su, he seemed not to have a Plan B
  10. Sarah Her-Lee in Germany

    Everyone's favorite forumite is featured in her local paper: http://www.wn.de/Lokalsport/Sonstiges/Die-Liebe-zum-Tischtennis-hat-Sarah-Her-Lee-nach-Muenster-gefuehrt-Olympia-ist-ihr-grosser-Traum
  11. Spin, Style and Sarah Her-Lee

    My latest table tennis interview comes close to home (although not so much since she is in Germany atm!) for original content see http://matthetherington.blogspot.com Ping Pong Passion meets Ping Pong Fashion: Spin, Style and Sarah Her-Lee It was a great pleasure for me to interview a good...
  12. Soo Yeon Lee takes on Timo Boll!

    Soo Yeon Lee has opportunity of a life time! Soo Yeon Lee began training in her home town of Pusan, South Korea at the age of nine. She developed her defensive technique, emphasizing spin variation and finesse under the watchful eye of former Olympic gold medalist Jung Hwa Hyun. She qualified...
  13. Lee Jung Woo vs jhang ce vietnam