1. Which player has the most signature equipment in different brands ?

    Hi, it might be a silly question, but as I was looking at the impressive U2's Adam Clayton's signature basses inventory, (yep, nearly all of them bring him royalties when one's sold anywhere on the planet... talk about a businessman !) I thought it would be interesting to know which player in...
  2. A New Training Method/ Cardiofitping

  3. Here's Why Ma Long is the Greatest Table Tennis Player Of All Time!

    OKAY! So today i’m going to say it. Ma Long is the GOAT of Table Tennis! The question is what makes the current Olympic and World Champion so good? We try to figure it out in this video. Ma Long recently took part in the first showcase event of World Table Tennis in Macao! For those wondering…...
  4. Being a tall player and new yinhe rubber (mercury storm)

    I am 1.85m player and I consider myself as a begginer-intermediate, I read some texts about being a tall player and I can relate some of the thing like more of backhand dominat, although I also like to hit with fh but it feels "weird"?, but there were also a weird thing that a guy said, he said...
  5. When you finally beat the player you never beat!!

    I played this guy about 20 times and always lose.
  6. Tenergy 05 fx playing impression by semi-intermediate player

    Hi, My Andro Rasanter r47 rubber had started to wear off so had to change my rubber and this time I wanted to try out Tenergy rubber on my backhand and unfortunately didn't know anyone at our local club who uses this rubber, so I bought Tenergy 05 fx with 1.9 thickness for backhand and glued...
  7. Can a late starter become a quality veteran player?

    I started playing seriously at 60 and my aim is simply to become a decent local league player. It seems that most of the quality older players I meet have been playing for many years and often were good juniors. Do you know of any top veteran players who were not top junior players? Is it...
  8. LF fh rubber for bh OX LP player

    As tittle said I'm looking for inverted FH for BH OX LP push-blocker player, my experience says that I'm looking for: -Light sponge -Not very thick -Not heavy -Not very reactive to incoming effect -Fast -Mid/hard -A little bit gripy I not like: -Tacky -Bouncy -Too much dwell time -Soft...
  9. Best racket (blade + rubbers) for an offensive intermediate player close to the table

    Hello, Please advise , I am 50 years old player , trying to attack on both sides - spin/loop attacks mostly, playing close to the table. My goal is a light racket suitable for me.(blade & rubber) I prefer the same rubber on both sides.(correct me if I am wrong...)​ Now I have an 86g blade...
  10. Advice for the older player

    I address this thread to those with experience that will enable them to advise me. I am 73 years old and lucky enough to be quite fit and active; enough to play the modern game with off blade and rubbers I am about to buy new Tenergy rubbers but the lockdown has got me thinking that I cannot...
  11. Joo Sae Hyuk spots 6 Points to a 2300 level Female Player 7 sets

    Joo is a sporting lad and gives 6 points to a you tube female TT star... at Kim Taek Soo TTC while her or his or both the kids run amok next room loud screaming and crashing the floor... they play like they are not there. Female player gives a large number of nets and Joo is a good sport...
  12. Are most of the japanese player playing dignics? I can't read japanese but they are probably top jpn players. Anyone know what equipment they are using?
  13. Build your dream male table tennis player

    Saw the ITTF Instagram account do this, here goes my version. Forehand: Xu Xin Backhand: Karakasevic Footwork: Christian Pletea Serve: Hugo Calderano Block: JO Waldner Smash: Me Chop: Stephane Ouaiche Lob: Xu Xin Mental Game: Timo Boll
  14. Who is this table tennis player?

    Who is this table tennis player?
  15. Returning player needs help identifying equipment

    Several years ago, I played table tennis at a club for about a year. I recently moved to a new city and discovered a new club right next to my apartment. I took some lessons previously and got a paddle through a coach at the old club. I can't seem to find out any details about the blade...
  16. Any nice and easy to learn serve for a new player?

    Hi i am new to table tennis and i would like to learn a easy to learn but really good serve. If you know any pleas let me know
  17. Which is the best blade for a backhand dominante player?

    Which is the best blade for a backhand dominante player? Now I'm using viscaria but I want to use chinese rubbers on the forehand with tenergy 64 in the backhand Dhs w 968 5 Dhs 906 Dhs n301 Dhs 656 Dhs k161 I'm a backhand dominante player but I have a powerful forehand with a lot of spin with...
  18. No Arms Table Tennis Player Ibrahim Hamato vs TableTennisDaily’s Dan!

    Recently we traveled to Egypt to meet Paralympic superstar Ibrahim Hamato. Ibrahim is famous for playing table tennis with just his mouth after losing his arms in a train accident when he was a child. In this video I got to experience Ibrahim’s skills myself. He really is incredible! Check it out!
  19. What is the best Technology that a Table Tennis player of a coach can use?

    Lets discuss the best new technology that we can use to improve our skills in table tennis? Any suggestion
  20. Setup for intermediate player

    Is Donic Appelgren Allplay(Normal) with FH Xiom Omega 5 Asia + BH Xiom Vega Europe a good combination for a intermediate offensive player(a.k.a me)?