1. Equipment reviews and choice of equipment

    Hi everyone, Since I started playing again after a 30+ yr absence from the sport, Social media has provided so much information on blades , rubbers, and equipment in general, that it is now even harder to decide what to use, the amount of manufacturers has increased as well as the number and...
  2. Power pong 5000 good?

    Has anybody used power pong 5000? I'm trying to find a comparison with amicus prime
  3. Butterfly Revoldia CNF and Dignics 09C reviews

    Just came across the YouTuber Y.Y Link who has some reviews of Butterfly’s new products. The review of the Revoldia CNF is also a comparison of the Viscaria blade. If anyone could translate that would be great.
  4. equipment reviews - brand filter?

    At the equipment reviews section of the website used to be a filter for brand, it was very useful and now it is not there, was it removed? or is it a bug?
  5. Stiga DNA pro Medium/soft Reviews ?

    Hello Low intermediate level player here. Was wondering if anyone has any reviews for the dna series for the Medium and soft variants (ttd only did the hard). Recently damaged my bh rubber so looking for a new one. Main concern is its looping ability + BH flicks against backspin. Was also...
  6. Donic rubber reviews

    Could anyone give any donic rubber reviews especially the more spinny ones
  7. Tibhar rubber reviews

    Anyone have any tibhar evolution rubber reviews
  8. Andro reviews

    Any reviews on andro treiber FO, CO,CI blades and also the rasanter series and what type of players this equipment is good for.
  9. Stiga Genesis 2 M rubber reviews

    Stiga Genesis 2 M Weight: 70 grams uncut Speed: OFF+ Spin: Extremely high The Genesis 2 M is the upgraded version of the previous Genesis M. The new rubber has a non shiny texture on the surface of its topsheet whether it’s the red or black...
  10. Rubber Reviews: What makes a good review? I have my opinion but it isn't realistic.

    I was considering writing a two rubber reviews on Mech-TeK and Mega Block. In a perfect world I would like prefer a review like PathfinderPro's review but this takes a lot of work for just one rubber. Even then, how many people would care? I have seen videos of Dr Neubauer hitting back balls...
  11. Xiom Vega DEF and Vega LPO Reviews

    Vega DEF Weight: 75 grams Speed: ALL+ to OFF- Type: Euro The Vega DEF is a new rubber from Xiom along with the Vega Tour and Omega VII series rubbers this year. The Vega Def is a different rubber from the rest listed in the Vega Series because it is a slower rubber meant for...
  12. Butterfly SK and SK Carbon - Reviews?

    Hello All, Has anyone tried out the Butterfly SK and SK Carbon? Let me know Thanks
  13. Ozzy Man Reviews table tennis ! :)

    Im guessing the people who already know ozzy will laugh more than the ones who dont. Anyway, ozzy is one of the few genuine youtubers that can actually make you laugh hard with his unique style of commenting :P
  14. Tibhar Blades Collection and Reviews

    Hey guys. Would be curious as to what Tibhar blades you currently own, plan to own as well as highly regard and suggest. Currently, I have owned/tested Samsonov Stratus Carbon(still own this, will keep this as this is my main blade), Balsa Fibretec 75, Drinkhall Power Spin Carbon. I now have...
  15. Butterfly Viscaria Blade Review with Liam Pitchford!

    Hey all, We have just released our latest TableTennisDaily review on the Butterfly Viscaria blade with world top 50 player Liam Pitchford! It was fantastic to spend the day with Liam prior to his European qualifying match between England and Greece. Before the match I got some time with Liam to...
  16. Why isn't there any reviews on the new carbonado 45/90

    I wanted to see if it is actually any different to the carbonado 145/190 but I can't seem to find any reviews on it. I believe it was released on April Fools and it has been quite a while since then so I'd thought maybe some EJ might have bought it already.
  17. Donic Ovtcharov Senso V1 Any reviews?

    I want to try out this blade, but before I buy it, have anyone else tried it? Or are any other recommended blades? I am an offensive player, who likes to control the opponent. Budget; approximately 100-120 dollars on the blade And also, I'm buying either Airoc Astro or Genesis on both sides...
  18. To Dan: Ranking list regarding all the rubber reviews.

    ........ admin, please delete this thread.
  19. Stiga Eternity VPS - anyone has it? any reviews?

    I am very interested in this blade, it's supposed to be a faster version on an Infinity VPS with as much control and less "hollow" feel, Didn't this blade officially launch like in March? how come after all these months there almost zero reviews and no retailers in the States or Canada that sell...
  20. any reviews on Timo Boll ZLF and /or W7?

    hi guys,just wondering if theres any reviews on these blades besides what the ads say ,i am inclined to these blades for various reasons ,performance ,and collectors piece (the last resort)