1. Rio olympics video

    Hey, Anyone knows if there is somewhere, ANYWHERE where i can watch the Rio table tennis matches in premium quality after 3 freaking years past? Seriously whats the point in holding it back for so long? Huge missed opportunity and extremely irracional to not release it.
  2. ML ZJK LGL small video after RIO . subs needed

    Could anyone please translate or ma ke a short briefing. It seems they talked about the singles final and how they performed in the teams event?
  3. Ma Long's first training session after Rio Olympic Gold 2016

    A cool video of Ma Long's first training session back after Rio Olympics 2016!
  4. Jun Mizutani BEST POINTS RIO 2016

    Jun Mizutani BEST POINTS RIO 2016
  5. Watch Rio Videos in Belgium?

    Can I watch rio table tennis videos (singles and teams) here in Belgium? Legally or illegally?
  6. Rio Olympics 2016 - TTD Comp Winner!

    Rio Olympics 2016 - TTD Competition Winner! After 2 weeks of users submitting entries before the 2016 Rio Olympics Competition, we now have a winner for the signed Tiago Apolonia ZLC blade by Butterfly. This competition is in association with the entries that took place on TTD here. The Prize...
  7. Rio Paralympic Games 2016

    --Official Topic For The Rio Paralympic Games-- Paralympic Games, 08 Sep 2016 - 17 Sep 2016, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil The Olympic Games has come to an end in Rio, now the world are eager and ready for the fast approaching Paralympic Games which begin on the 8th September 2016! The prestigious...
  8. Ma Long Car Interview After Rio Olympic Gold 2016!

    As soon as Chinese athletes had won gold in Rio, Tencent along with sponsor FAW Automotive did interviews with athletes in their car in promotion of the the sponsor. It was more of a fun interview rather than a serious one. interview: After Ma Long won the Men's Team Gold in Rio the host...
  9. Xu Xin announces girlfriend after Rio 2016! Interview!

    Xu Xin has officially confirmed his relationship with girlfriend Yao Yan after winning gold in Rio with Team China. In the video below Xu Xin and Yao Yan talk about their relationship. Xu Xin and Yao Yan have been dating for 7 years and are likely to marry in the near future. They know each...
  10. Ma Long's Interview Right After Claiming Olympic Gold!

    China claimed all Olympic golds at the 2016 Rio Olympics this year in Rio. When the men's China team won gold in the team event CCTV5 interviewed World Number 1 Ma Long right after. Ma Long - Interviewed After Olympic Team Gold - Via CCTV5 Ma Long Interview after winning Team Gold in Rio...
  11. 2016 Olympics @Rio: Gold|Silver/Bronze (VIDEOS)

    2016 Olympics @Rio: Gold|Silver/Bronze (Videos) ## Men's Singles - Gold Medal Match [Full Match|Short Form] ------------ # (ITTF) Head-To-Head: Ma Long Vs Zhang Jike (2003-2016), here: •
  12. Chinese Team Mobbed by Fans As They Land In China After Rio!

    Wow, the extensiveness of the fame of the Chinese National Table Tennis Team can be seen by this video by Ma Long, Zhang Jike, Xu Xin and the rest of the Rio Olympic Team flooded by fans as they land in Beijing airport! A fan captured the footage in the video below! Watch the video...
  13. August World Rankings 2016 - After Rio!

    The ITTF has published the new August world rankings after Rio! The event results included in this ranking are from the Rio Olympic Games. New Olympic Champion Ma Long maintains World number 1 status! Ma Long, Rio Olympic Champion in August 2016 - Photo by: ITTF Flickr Notable changes...
  14. Zhang Jike Will Retire After Rio Olympics 2016!

    There are reports circulating around the Chinese media and in particular one in which Zhang Jike said in an chat room (Chinese Media qq Sports quote) with fans after the Rio Olympic team event that he will retire when the team land in Beijing after Rio! Online users in China are talking about it...
  15. Rio final video

    China vs Japan FINAL Ma Long vs Koki Niwa Highlights Xu Xin vs Jun Mizutani Highlights MA Long vs YOSHIMURA Maharu Highlights <font size="4"><font color="#ff0000">
  16. 44 Players in 2016 Rio Olympics Are Chinese Born

    A new article has been released on the website about how of the 172 table tennis players playing at the Rio Olympic Games, at least 44 were born in China. You can read the full article here. A table below by displays this: What's everyone's opinion on this? IS this a...
  17. TEAM China Are The Women’s Rio Olympics 2016 Champions!

    Yesterday on the 16th August the formidable Chinese team were crowed Olympic team champions with a convincing win over Germany. China's Ding Ning, Li Xioaxia and Liu Shiwen with their gold medals - Via ITTF Flickr Gold Medal Match: China vs Germany In the opening match London 2012 Olympic...
  18. Ma Long Mimics Fan Zhendong's Around The Net In Rio!

    Last month Fan Zhendong's incredible under the table around the net roller went viral due to its formidable skill level and difficultly! Even main stream media including Sports Bible, BBC and USAToday picked up the remarkable shot. When Ma Long met Quadri Aruna in the team event at the Rio...
  19. Players Complain about the Poor Quality of the Ball Used in Rio!

    I posted this in the Rio Olympics thread in response to a query about this article. But then I thought, perhaps this merits its own thread. What do you guys think about this issue getting this kind of exposure in a news source like the New York Times? The New York Times article has various...
  20. Ma long best points rio 2016