1. Achtung Lula !! Kim Jung Hoon 1:1 Lesson with Div 5 Short Pips FH Dude

    Hey Lula and TTD, KJH with another 1;1 lesson vid... this time with a Div 5 FH SP dude. Largest problem dude has right away is wrong beat/cadence, and his backswing/swing too far in front. He immediately correct guy to cakswing longer and finish less far crossed over. Another area of foucs is...
  2. 2 Korean Natl Div 1 Level Players BH Blast Battle - ZERO Short Serves

    HI TTD, Here is a vid form a National Level TT Tourney way down in GooMi Korea... Macho Man Korean Dude (Big power is not enough power) vs the typical Korean top level female play style (Punch everything and damn the spin) Neither of these players are even remotely interested in serving...
  3. Which short pips for middle distance and can short pips broke?

    Hello, please can someone advice me. I have two questions. I am using short pips, but often happend, that after my forhand topspin on right side, i am bit far away from the table and then I have a bit problem with playing the ball. Is any short pips good for this? I am now using...
  4. Dignics o9c short review/alternatives?

    I have recently got into using o9c when I decided to buy me a sheet and my first impression is extremely positive now I do not know if it is worth the price but this rubber is top notch If you know what your doing. I feel that it is pretty forgiving and can even be recommended as a beginner to...
  5. Playing against defensive short players

    I have a problem with playing against players who are more defensive and are table huggers who somehow also play the ball short leaving me little chances on looping the ball due too it being short and not really past the table. Is there a way to open up and have them play longer strokes so I can...
  6. Blade choice for short pimple

    Hi everyone My partner is trying to start using short pimple on her backhand, and we are not sure which blade she should use. Here is her background... She has received proper training when she was little, so her forehand basic is very decent. Her backhand on the other side is very basic...
  7. Short Pimple Medium pimple Clan!!

    Can we start an Short Pimple/Medium Pimple Clan? Please write a comment about your pips and combination. Can everyone who uses short pimples on bh especially, say which blade they use and why? Best for bh pips? Best for fh topspin, still good for bh pips Balanced between the two. From my...
  8. Short and Medium pimple sponge thickness?

    I use Spinlord Keiler in 1.8mm on backhand, they are mid pimples I believe. I have tried Spectol Red before. My preferred ball for use if I had a choice would be the Joola Flash (poly plastic not ABS). Personally I believe it spins much more than any ABS ball I have tried, I also think it is...
  9. Short pimples sponge hardness

    So I have a fairly good understanding of sponge hardness in regards to inverted rubber, but not for short pimples. I've seen things saying hard is slow and soft is faster, but in what circumstances? (Block, touch, counter drive, smash, topspin etc). In short, when does a softer sponge perform...
  10. SDC Handmade Blades - Some Impressions / Short Review

    I think, most of the forum-members here have already noticed, that there is a manufacturer in Portugal, who offers really nice looking custom made blades for sale: From the first moment I liked the look of his...
  11. Could someone help me out on which short pips rubber is most suitable for me?

    Which short pips rubber is most suitable for me as a c-penholder? I am currently using a Ma Lin Extra Offensive penhold racket, and i've been thinking on when to change my forehand inverted rubber into a fast, short-pips rubber. My choices are Yasaka Rakza PO, Nittaku Moristo SP, or TSP...
  12. J-Pen blade with short pips RPB, which to use?

    I will use Japanese penhold with short-pin RPB, I am in doubt which blade to use, Galaxy 983, 985 or 988? all practically at the same price.
  13. Short pimples

    How easy is short pimples to push, and how much backspin can you create?
  14. Cheap J-pen blade for RPB with short pips

    Suggestions please
  15. Question on short pips fh for opening hitting

    I have switched my playing style totally :) from inverted fh and short pips bh. Now im using Dr. neubauer matador wood with 2 short pips. Fh is Warran, bh is Gipfelsturm. My question is if there are a better choise for a pip to fh if i wanna open up on serve recieving and loop and hit it...
  16. good reversed rubber for bh (coming from short pimples)

  17. short pips for close table

    hi guys i have tibhar stratus power wood ,but i want to choise a short pips for BH . PAY CLOSE TABLE! what is your suggestion for buy BH rubber (short pips)?
  18. such thing as short pips but in normal smooth?

    i was wondering if there is such thing as short pips but in inverted form?
  19. short pimple without sponge

    I have just tried to use short pimple without sponge ,anybody can tell me the effect , characteristic of this rubber . What should I do with this rubber?
  20. how to clean short pips?

    I was wondering how do you clean moristo SP ? starting to get dusty now