1. Boll Allround Wood + Sriver combo opinion needed

    Hi, I am an intermediate player coming back to the game after 15 years. Butterfly is the only option shipping wise which makes sense right now. Price-range and thinking slightly conservatively I am considering the Boll Allround Wood blade with Sriver 1.9 and 2.1 (BH FH) as a first new blase. My...
  2. classic rubbers (sriver, mark v, coppa)

    how do these three compare, and would coppa be a good alternative to mark v?
  3. Sriver sponge smells kinda funky..

    I bought a sheet of Sriver just yesterday and when I opened the pack, I sniffed on the rubber's sponge for a bit and it smelled weird for me. Should I know that there are any VOCs on the sponge?
  4. Q: Butterfly Timo Boll Spirit (AN) + Butterfly Sriver rubbers

    Hello guys, is it worth buying this combination, is it good or not? According to the seller, with the wood has been played for one year and it has small normal cosmetic scratches, but the condition is excellent. Rubbers are brand new, just glued and tried for no more than 30 minutes of play. I...
  5. FS BTY Viscaria + MX-S/Sriver

    FS BTY Viscaria Hi. Time to sell off one racket. BTY Viscaria FL weight 88g (really good condition) I have also sealed it. Just typed the weight in the bottom of the handle Price: $130USD, free shipping Payment with paypal Kind regards Lukas
  6. Sriver-L fast glue substitute for new polyball

    My actual setup: Stiga All Round Classic WRB FH DHS Hurricane 3 National Team 39º OS BH Giant Dragon - Talon National Team OX Style: FH looping (more side spin than top spin) and eventually some block. I make the side/top spin from ground and I use all my body & arm not a lot of wrist like I...
  7. What should be the rubber that you should buy after being able to control Sriver.

    I have been using Sriver and Sriver FX on a Petr Korbel blade. I'm not sure what I should get. My club is a butterfly distributor and the coach recommends me Zhang Jike Super ZLC or Viscaria with Tenergy and Rozena. I tried my friend Zhang Jike Super ZLC and it was very fast. What rubber should...
  8. A rubber slightly faster than sriver and spinnier but not bouncier

    Please recommend me a rubber that is slightly faster and spinnier than sriver without being too bouncy. I will use it on a Petr Korbel Japan blade.
  9. A rubber slightly faster than sriver and spinnier

    A rubber slightly slower than sriver but spinnier Please recommend me some rubbers that are slightly slower than sriver. I went to buy rozena but it was way to fast for me. And now I have a bad habit of kinda poking the ball.
  10. Forehand rubber Sriver replacement

    I have a question for you regarding the selection of rubber for the forehand. I returned to the game after 10 years (I train since January), so I've had a lot of lacks in my technique. So my first racket was Andro temper tech all +, Tibhar aurus on fh and tibhar aurus soft on bh. This set...
  11. LF: New Butterfly Garaydia ZLC and New Sriver G3 FX (Max)

    Hi TTD, I am looking to buy this combination and it is not available in India. The butterfly distributor clearly denied to order them for me even though I was willing to pay. Now, he wont even answer my calls. (p.s. Can anyone help me out? Thanks in anticipation
  12. upgrade rubber from sriver on donic appelgren allplay blade

    Hi I was wondering if you have any suggesetions for an upgrade from sriver for my donic appelgren allplay. I'm still a developing player getting more into an offensive style. Rubbers I have my eye on are Stiga Mantra M, Tibhar Quantum M, Butterfly Rozena, Victas V > 01 Limber. Compared to...
  13. FS Sriver G3 and two Evolution FX-P, Tibhar Red Cypress blade

    FS Tibhar Red Cypress blade Rubbers sold. Also for sale Tibhar Red Cypress blade in good condition, flared handle, 89 grams Soft touch, but good power. Makes an excellent topspin attack racket with Evolution rubbers, speed AND control above average. Out of production. Postage 8 Euro. Price...
  14. Sriver G3 FX

    Does anybody know if the Sriver G3 FX has a built in speed glue effect? And also, if you ever tried the rubber, a short review would be nice :D (Just what you think about it, and what type of player you'd recommend it to)
  15. Beginner - change from DHS to Sriver?

    Hi, I am an adult table tennis ‘beginner’ - I’ve dabbled with playing on and off over the years, but am now taking playing seriously. I am currently getting coaching of 1 hour per week and playing 4 hours per week on top of that and want to maintain at least this amount. My focus is at the...
  16. Looking for sriver g3 fx

    Hi, Im looking for the sriver g3 fx . Red and black in 2.1mm. Greetings.
  17. Replacement for Sriver G2 FX

    I have been playing with Sriver G2 FX on my BH for over a year now. It is not overly sensitive to spin, not really fast, recieve's serve well, gives good control, very steady on my pushes, plays very well with short touch strokes on the table, very reliable on blocks. I consider this my control...
  18. Butterfly Sriver g3 fx or Donic bluefire m3

    Hi everyone which rubber is better for my backhand? I block near the table and play spiny topspins from near the table and mid distance. I want a rubber with better spin and control.
  19. Can ZJK beat a 2500 player with H3 commercial and sriver?

    Can ZJK beat a 2500 player with H3 commercial and sriver without boosting ? I think he can . But some players on our club said he can't . what do you think ?
  20. Differences between sriver fx,DHS skyline 2 neo and skyline 3 neo

    Hi guys,im here to know if someone can tell me if there are too much differences in speed,spin and sponge from Sriver Fx to the Skylines 2 and 3 neo. If some could elucidate me about this,would be really helpful. Thanks in advance! Greetings & Keep training :)