1. Stéphane Ouaiche vs. Wang Yang - Swedish open 2019

    Hello guys! Another match from my library, private recording from the coach´s view! Enjoy! And those who speach french, you can translate some stuff from Ouaiche ;)
  2. Q: How does the Swedish league system work?

    Specifically: when this match says division 1, does that mean third tier? Is it like the UK football league where Premier first, Championship second and Division 1 is actually third?
  3. Swedish champion beaten by technician-on-duty.

    Yes, I like it.
  4. Swedish Open 2019

    The Swedish Open begins tomorrow on the 1st October and concludes on the 6th. The line up is very strong with World Number 1 Xu Xin taking the number 1 seed position. Chen Meng the world number 1 leads the womens singles seeing! Lets get this topic started! Men's Singles Xu Xin enters the...
  5. Ask Rising Swedish Star Truls Möregårdh a Question for a Chance to Win a Prize!

    The Swedish wunderkind, Truls Möregårdh, is on his way to meet with TableTennis11 and he wants to answer YOUR questions! When he arrives, he will be answering questions about himself and anything related. To ask a question for a chance to win the prize of a shirt from the Swedish National Team...
  6. Swedish National Championships 2019

    We can use this topic for all the latest news from this weekends 2019 Swedish National Championships! More details coming soon...
  7. Mima Ito taking the world by storm | Swedish Open 2018 | VLOG

    Hey guys, here's our latest VLOG from the 2018 Swedish Open! Featuring an incredible line up of the worlds best players in what was more of a World Championship level tournament. The Star or the show was the Chinese National Team killer Mima Ito who is now 12-5 in her last 17 matches against...
  8. Swedish Open 2018

    The World Tour is back this week with an exceptionally strong tournament in Stockholm, Sweden which begins from the 29th October to 4th November 2018! :) Main Draw Groups Knockouts Men's Singles Seeds China's Fan Zhendong, has entered the Swedish Open! Timo Boll enters the Swedish Open...
  9. Swedish National Championships 2018

    The Swedish National Championships 2018 has commenced! Kristian karlsson - Via ITTF Flickr Top 10 Seeds MEN 01) Kristian Karlsson 02) Anton kallberg 03) Jon Persson 04) Simon Arvidsson 05) Hampus Nordberg 06) Viktor Brodd 07) Harald Andersson 08) Par Gerell 09) Elias Ranefur 10) Simon...
  10. WJC Swedish Junior & Cadet Open - Safir International 2018

    [Videos] WJC Swedish Junior & Cadet Open - Safir International 2018 For this match I recommend watching with 2x speed.
  11. TableTennisDaily Vlog #18 - Swedish Open 2017!

    Hi guys, Here's my latest coverage from the recent Swedish Open 2017! This vlog provides a tour of the behind the scenes action from the event. Thanks to STIGA for the invite, what a fantastic tournament! Hope you enjoy the vlog! :)
  12. Swedish Open 2017 - Training Hall Videos

    What a great way to kick start this topic with the first training hall video from the Swedish Open being wonderkid Harimoto!
  13. Swedish Open 2017

    NOW LIVE: Men's FINAL: Fan Zhendong vs Xu Xin! Live streaming here: https://tv.ittf.com/livestream/swedish-open-table-1/1026950 What a great few weeks of table tennis! The World Cup saw incredible scenes with Timo Boll defeating Ma Long. In the German Open last week we saw further shocks, with...
  14. Swedish National Championships 2017

    Swedish National Table Tennis Championships, 3 Mar 2017 - 7 Mar 2017, Sweden The Swedish National Championships has commenced! Event details below: Kristian Karlsson - Photo by: Remy Gros Men's Singles Seedings 01) Par Gerell 02) Kristian Karlsson 03) Mattias Karlsson 04) Anton Kallberg...
  15. Swedish Open 2016 - Training Hall Videos

    Hey all, This topic will feature training hall videos from the 2016 Swedish Open which will include Dimitrij Ovtcharov, Tiago Apolonia, Kou Lei, Koki Niwa, Marcos Freitas, Steffen Mengel, Duda Benedict and lots more! First video: Dimitrij Ovtcharov Training!
  16. TableTennisDaily VLOG #5 - Swedish Open 2016 Day 1!

    Hey all, Here is is my latest vlog which features features the Swedish Open. We go behind the scenes with STIGA during Day 1 at the 2016 Swedish Open.
  17. Swedish Open 2016 - Videos

    Topic for all the latest videos from the Swedish OPEN this week! Join in on TableTennisDaily's full Swedish Open topic here. Videos coming soon...
  18. Swedish Open 2016

    This week will see the Swedish Open which will be held in Stockholm! This Major World Tour series begins on the 15th November and concludes on the 20th November 2016. Germany's Dimitrij Ovtcharov leads the men's singles standings. Total number of entries so far is: 267 Main Draw Men's...
  19. Any Swedish players around here?

    Hi guys, Just joined the community and wanted to introduce myself! My name is Susanne and been playing table tennis for about 2 years now, just as an hobby of course - nothing professional. However, just wanted to know if there's anyone here from Sweden or maybe even from my local table tennis...
  20. Swedish National Championships 2016

    Swedish National Table Tennis Championships, 18 Mar 2016 - 20 Mar 2016, Eslov, Sweden Men's Singles Final: Jon Persson vs Jens Lundqvist The Swedish National Championships has commenced! Event details below: Par Gerell - Photo by: ITTF Men's Singles Seedings 01) Par Gerell 02) Kristian...