1. Who will buy tickets for the Tokyo Olympics?

    Who will buy tickets for the Tokyo Olympics Table Tennis games?
  2. Where to buy Austrian Open 2019 tickets?

    I'm planning a trip to Linz for the last three days of the Austrian Open. The only links I can find are the event calendar on ITTF and some news from the 2018 tournament. Does anyone know how to buy advance tickets online? I'm in the US and will arrive on the 15th, so buying at the venue...
  3. Payment Problem tickets European Championships

    As the title says, I have some problems with the website of the tournament. I am sure my Visa is fine, and they do not accept any other methods. I have two questions: Did anybody experience the same problem? Do I need to hurry because the event will be sold out towards the start?
  4. Purchasing Tickets for Tournaments?

    Does anyone have experience with purchasing tickets for tournaments? Specifically, I'm interested in the China open taking place this year in Shenzhen from May 30-June 2. Normally, purchasing tournament tickets will redirect to some English website hosted by the ITTF. However, looking back at...
  5. Where to find tickets for Asian Cup 2019?

    Yo does anyone know where to buy tickets for this years Asian Cup? Gonna be in Japan during April and want to go but can't find anything about tickets online, thanks
  6. ITTF Grand Finals Tickets?

    Going to be travelling to Seoul during the Grand Finals! Not seeing anything on about how to purchase tickets to the event though... anyone have any insight? Much appreciated!
  7. 2018 world cup tickets

    Hi, I'd really like to get tickets for 2018 men's world cup but they're all sold out on the main website. If anyone has a clue how I can get tickets please tell me :) thanks
  8. How can I get tickets to World Tour games?

    Hey guys! I've already posted a thread on this but I'm still really confused. I wanted to get to watch World Tour matches live, next to all of the players, but I don't know how, where and when I should buy tickets. People have recommended to buy them at the ITTF website but I couldn't find...
  9. Where can I buy TT World Tour tickets?

    Hey guys! I've posted a thread on the forum a couple of days ago didn't get much help or attention. I wanted to know how, when and where one should buy tickets for World Tour games. I tried to find where to buy tickets on the ittf website, but couldn't find it. I couldn't find any information...
  10. How to get tickets for TT games?

    Hello guys! I absolutely love to watch table tennis matches and would like to know if it's hard to go and watch a big table tennis championship with the top players. A World Tour for example. Sometime in the future I might travel to another country (I was thinking Japan, June of next year) and...
  11. Tickets for Korea Open 2018

    Does anyone know when/where to get tickets for the Korea Open this year?
  12. Where can I buy Austrian Open 2017 Tickets

    Hello. Does anyone know where I can buy tickets for the Austrian Open? I can't seem to find a website that sells tickets.
  13. Tickets for World TT Championships

    May be some German forum members can help here. The official site of the WTTC says that the tickets for the last three days of the tournament are already sold out. I have a small chance of making a trip to Europe (not Germany) in May and June and I would dare to make the effort to travel to...
  14. Tickets info - 2015 ITTF Polish Open (Major) Warsaw Oct 21-25

    Hello guys, I am planning go to watch how world's best players are playing at 2015 Polish Open (Major series). So I am interested there I could buy tickets for it? Does anybdy know how much aproximately does it cost? Also maybe to find anybody who would like to watch it together in the venue :)...
  15. World Cup 2014 Tickets

    Hi All Can somebody please let me know where to get tickets for the World Cup. Is there a web site I can use to check info? Thanks
  16. FREE Tickets for the World Championships of Ping Pong

    In a special promotion, can supply you and your family/friends with free tickets to the upcoming World Championships of Ping Pong on the 4th/5th January at Alexandra Palace, London! Please visit to claim your free tickets - simply submit how many tickets you want, the...
  17. Tickets for GB team match on August 3

    Hi guys. I have 3 tickets for the team GB match against Portugal at 19:00 on August 3 for sale. These are tickets I purchased 18 months ago so my family could watch me play in London. We are in the morning session the next day against Singapore so I don't need these tickets any more. Pickup...
  18. Olympic 2012 TT Tickets

    Has anyone ordered TT tickets via the ETTA? I did in June but I was just wondering if anyone else has and if their money has been taken from their account. Mine hasn't and I'm just worried that they have forgotten mine :( Perhaps I'm worrying to much, but I just really want them :D
  19. When is the next round of the Chinese Superleague, and how does one get tickets.

    Hello, my fellow TT-enthusiasts! I'm off to China on the 4th of August and will stay there until the 16th. I would love to go and watch a Chinese Super League game. Does anyone know where I can find the schedule for the next round of games? In which cities the games will be, and how to get...
  20. Who got London 2012 tickets?

    Hi guys, So the tickets were released not long ago and the announcements have been made.. Just wondering how many of you out there managed to get tickets. Were you fortunate enough to get tickets? Also, what days are people going? perhaps we could have a TableTennisDaily gathering :) Just an...