1. Harimoto tomokazu innerforce super zlc

    Get those wallets out and the CHO's ready..... Coming soon.......
  2. Butterfly Tomokazu Harimoto Innerforce ALC Blade Review

    Hey guys, Here's our latest review of the Tomokazu Harimoto ALC blade by Butterfly! The Japanese Wonderkid Harimoto is just 16 years old and already has his own personal blade out! We compares the Harimoto blade to the Timo Boll ALC, Innerforce ALC, and Viscaria. What do you think of the...
  3. FS: Butterfly Tomokazu Harimoto ALC FL 91g

    Hi everyone, Looking to sell my 91g Tomokazu Harimoto FL available. Perfect condition, tested for 1 session only, comes with box. $250 AUD. Photos available at the following links: and Shipping and PayPal fees excluded. Shipping from...
  4. Ma Long serve analysis vs Tomokazu Harimoto

    Hey guys, For those of you who haven't seen the new technology via the ITTF we are now able to see the serving ball placement of players, similar to that you find in tennis. In the image you can see Ma Long's service placement during the 5th set against Tomokazu Harimoto at the recent China...
  5. Japan Open 2019

    The Japan Open begins next week on the 12th June and concludes on the 16th. Similarly with the China and Hong Kong Open we will see an incredible line up which consists of the likes of Ma Long, Fan Zhendong, Xu Xin, Harimoto and many more world class players! Ding Ning the world number 1 leads...
  6. Wonderkid Harimoto tweets his big ambition for 2019!

    After an unbelievable 2018 we currently have a 15 year old World number 3. This is of course no ordinary 15 year old, this is Tomokazu Harimoto! With some people tipping him to be a future GOAT, here he is becoming the youngest World Tour Grand Finals Men’s Singles Champion in 2018. This time...
  7. Butterfly release Tomokazu Harimoto New Blade

    Hi all Butterfly have released this news on Harimoto's It says will be announced in January 2019. Will it be a Innterforce type of blade or not?
  8. Is the tomokazu harimoto 2000 and timo boll 2000 the same?

    Since they have the same rubber. Are they just the same thing but different names? Along with stayer 2000. Same thing or no?
  9. Any one tried the Ca carbon blade yet? or the tomokazu harimoto 2000 racket?

    I just heard about a day ago butterfly released some new stuff. Did anyone try them yet?
  10. Friendship Presto Speed + exercise Harimoto Tomokazu

  11. What is Tomokazu's world position now?

    After all the wins in Japan, he must be much higher.
  12. Ma Long or Tomokazu Harimoto... Who you picking?

    Hold everything! A huge matchup is about to take place at the Japan Open! Ma Long vs wonderkid Harimoto! Who you picking? Both players are in the form of their life right now! Can the youngster do it? Another huge match will see Zhang Jike take on Timo Boll! <iframe...
  13. What equipment is Harimoto Tomokazu using?

    I know he is using a custom butterfly blade. I don't know what rubbers he is currently using. All of the resources I've found have different results, but the only consistent thing is Tenergy 05 fx on the BH.
  14. Zhang Jike or Tomokazu Harimoto... Who you picking?

    Hold everything! A huge matchup is about to take place at the China Open! Zhang Jike vs wonderkid Harimoto! Who you picking? Post your predictions below.
  15. Tomokazu Harimoto breaks into the Top 10 World Rankings!

    NEWS FLASH! Incredible scenes in the latest World Rankings as 14 year old wonderkid Tomokazu Harimoto breaks into the top 10! The May ITTF World Rankings are below! Harimoto victorious over Fan Zhendong | Asian Cup | Photo: What a fantastic year Harimoto has had, going from...
  16. Harimoto Tomokazu rises to World Rank #10 at 14 years old!!!

    The ITTF has not corrected the age to 14 yet WT Results 2018 - World Tour, German Open, Bremen (GER) - Seniors - Rnd of 32 2018 - World Tour, Qatar Open, Doha (QAT) - Seniors - QF 2017 - World Tour Grand Finals, Astana (KAZ) - Seniors - QF 2017 - World Tour, Swedish Open, Stockholm (SWE) -...
  17. Tomokazu Harimoto Defeats World Number 1 Fan Zhendong | Asian Cup 2018

    Incredible news just in as 14 year old wonderkid Tomokazu Harimoto defeats world number 1 Fan Zhendong at the Asian Cup! Harimoto sends shockwaves to CHINA! Photo via ITTF Flickr 3 weeks ago Harimoto played Fan Zhendong at the World Team Cup, where Fan from China outplayed the Japanese...
  18. Fan Zhendong vs. Tomokazu Harimoto > best Point of ITTF World Team Cup

    Check this one out!!! AMAZING!
  19. Tomokazu Harimoto not in the current World Junior Championship

    I have searched over the web and I didn't manage to find anything about why Tomokazu Harimoto is not playing in the current World Junior Championship. I would love to see him play against the chinese juniors. If anybody knows why he is not participating please write here.
  20. Who has Harimoto Tomokazu defeated since the age of 11?

    Hi guys, I was talking with Adam Bobrow yesterday, when Harimoto was 11 how many players did he defeat in the top 100 in the world? We wasn't sure if it was just jens Lundqvist and Omar Assar or more? If anyone has a list of who Harimoto has defeated in the top 100 since his debut on the...