1. Faster equipment doesn't always mean less control. (Viscaria/Intensity)

    Hello! A few days ago I found my old Viscaria and glued my rubbers on it. I immediately felt more control and more shots landed on the table. For the past year I've been using stiga Intensity with various rubbers including tenergy, bluestorm, goldarc, calibra tour. Viscaria is softer than the...
  2. Copy of Viscaria - The miracle recipe

    Hello everybody ! My friend discovered Butterfly Viscaria blade and loves it! Unfortunately, due to certain partnerships he is obliged to play with brands like Tibhar, Donic, Victas, Xiom, Andro, Joola, Yasaka and Stiga. What do you think would be the most similar blade from these...
  3. FS: BTY Viscaria FL, 93 and 90 grams

    Hello,I would like to sell 2 rare rockets: 2 Viscaria FL in very rare weights of 93 and 90 grams. Those are very hard to find nowadays. Both blades are from the T-Series. I only have the box for the lighter one but I will ship the blades well packaged. BTY Viscaria FL 93 grams, very good...
  4. Butterfly Viscaria with Stiga handle??? Interesting join-venture!

    I read about but I never seen it for sale: Seems to be an official blade... That is an interesting join-venture of Butterfly and Stiga for China National team.
  5. Blades: viscaria vs timo boll alc vs innelforce ALC.S which is better? and the fastes

    I am among these three woods, I don't know which one to choose, I have always played with primorac carbon, but I would like to maintain that speed with another wood, I have those options, which one would you recommend and with which rubbers? that is fast and controllable.
  6. Butterfly Viscaria poor quality control checking??? (lens issue)

    Hi there! I just bought a Viscalia and I seen that the lens is inserted into the handle in an uneven way. As can be seen in the photo, the right side (as in photo) is recessed more than the left side. For sure, the blade is not a fake. It was bought from the local Butterfly store. This is an...
  7. Viscaria 2012 vs Viscaria 2018

    are the playing characteristics different between a viscaria of 2010-2014 and 2016-2020? the older versions are seen as fantastic blades. Does anyone have experience with this?
  8. viscaria

    What is the current series letter of viscaria? What is its average weight, and lightest and heaviest weight you experienced?
  9. Loki God of War 3 x Viscaria/glueing rubbers

    1.Has anyone used god of war 3? If yes can you say does the blade perform compared to viscaria? From loki aliexpress page Blade Composition: KOTO+ALC carbon+Ayous+Tung+Ayous+ALC carbon+KOTO 2. Is it ok to glue the blade like. 1st layer organic glue(vox glues e.g haifu dolphin) and the second...
  10. Switch from ma long 5 to viscaria

    Hello everyone, at the moment I play with a ma long 5 blade and 2 el p evolution rubbers on it. my playing style is mainly offensive. in the passive game I am mainly a blocker but I can really over-spin, only I have to oblige myself in some way to keep spinning. the problem is that I often...
  11. The most suitable rubber with Butterfly Viscaria

    I am trying to adapt with Butterfly Viscaria blade and found that tenergy 05 fx is a good fit in backhand.However, tenergy 05 or 05 fx is not suitable at all in forehand, may be tenergy 05 hard would serve the purpose.However, due to high price and non availability in my place I am interested...
  12. Looking for a heavy Viscaria blade to buy

    Is anyone selling a heavy Viscaria blade? 92 grams upwards, the newer ones are too light for me, happy to swap for a Drinkhall Carbon brand new blade
  13. I need a slower Viscaria alternative

    Hey, I'm looking for a slower Viscaria alternative, Viscaria is too fast for me and I want more control. There are some paramaters that I demand: 1. Must be a butterfly blade (I like the blades of butterfly) 2. Weight must be lower then 85 grams 3. about the same feeling as Viscaria, but more...
  14. CNTs LJK now using Viscaria

    Has anyone noticed him using Viscaria now and his forehand is a red rubber either tenergy or dignics and his backhand is black with blue sponge. Any inputs why he will do that? Does he ended his contract with Yasaka? youtube:
  15. Looking for off-/all+ suggestions, slower viscaria alternative

    I've been browsing the internet all summer looking for an "ultimate" fit for me. And I've come to the conclusion of asking for suggestions here. Playing style: Right handed. Strong BH, looks to challenge BH-BH always, and plays BH in 60-70% of the table. Tries to loop with lot of spin, natural...
  16. liu shiwen blade , viscaria and zjk blade compare review ?

    Hey guys! Could you make liu shiwen blade , viscaria and zjk blade compare review ? @dan
  17. FS: Butterfly Viscaria FL 88-89g

    Sold all
  18. Butterfly Viscaria - original or fake

    Hello guys, I'm new to the forum. I know there are many topics about this racket, but again I ask you for your help. I hesitate to buy the racket, do you think this is an original one or is it a replica. Thanks! PM: I apologize for my bad English.
  19. Trying new blade after Viscaria

    Hello, I recently played with an all-wood blade from a friend and I really loved the feeling of it. I had a very good feedback and it was very linear (you get what you put in your shots). My Viscaria is obviously an excellent blade but I feel like sometimes it is too "nervous" for me and I...
  20. Changing from the Viscaria to the Long 5x

    Hello, my Viscaria is getting very old (4+ years), viscaria suits my playstyle alot, I use the the Hurricane 3 Provincial Blue Sponge in my forehand, tenergy 05-fx on my backhand, but I want to change things up, I do not wish to buy a new Viscaria. I am thinking of getting DHS Hurricane Long 5x...