1. W968 any version?

    Hi all again, Now i have a budget to order the blade i was dream about, but can't afford the most expensive version of it, the version i found is the cheapest i can afford, it is DHS Hurricane Long 5 National which is coded as "W968". If i buy any version i find online that is almost half to...
  2. Soulspin W968

    Custom Blade from Soulspin with a head size of 153x159,5mm (I requested 151x161mm so its a bit off but I don't think that'll make much of a difference). Its basically a replica of a DHS W968. Weight: 97g. It cost 163€ (190$/150£). Imo that's a really good price for the quality they offer. Limba...
  3. W968, PLAYERVERSION, 90g

    Hello, I am selling my W968 PLAYERVERSION. It is better than official national version for the market! Condition: good (unfortunately a little damage on the edge) Weight: 90g Thickness: 6.01mm The blade is a bit too slow for me. That's why I'm selling it. Price: 700 €
  4. Looking for W968, 2018, 91/92g

    Hi there, I'm looking for a w968 from 2018. player version! weight 91 / 92g, last number 1-3. I know what I am looking for is very special! So please no instructions!
  5. For sale W968 official national & HL5 provincial

    I am selling my two DHS blades here. Unfortunately both are a little too light for me. But both have a great feeling! If you want more fotos just write me. Then I can also remove the rubbers from the W968. I still have it in my pocket as a replacement blade. Price: W968 - 425€ HL5 - 225€
  6. Differences between w968 national official and w968 provincial versions(making 2019)

    Hello, I am enjoying table tennis in Korea. Currently, we are using Hurricanes Long 5 (manufacturing: 2019) I'm thinking about changing my racket. 1) What is the softest racket? I prefer soft racket. 2) Which blade has the lowest resistance? I don't like high-resistance blades. (Viscaria...
  7. W968 Rebound Force and Genuine Purchase

    I am a pure amateur player who enjoys table tennis in Korea. I am currently using Hurricane Long 5. I know w968 and I have a question for you. 1)w968 (Digital number version)Is there a better reaction than this Hurricane Long 5? I don't like racquets that have good resistance. I am satisfied...
  8. Dhs Hurricane Long V W968 | YouTube review

    Match with Adrian Więcek (blade: Long V)
  9. LF: Looking for DHS W968

    Hi: Does anybody have a W968 for sale? Weight about 89.5-90 grams? Condition should be good. Pm with price, thanks
  10. Rubbers for dhs w968

    Hi Guys, I have many different setups in the past 2 years. I am a forehand dominant player. But after trying so many setups my favourite blade is Dhs w968 ( national version of long 5 ). It is a inner carbon blade.It is just a faster and more dwelly version of long 5. I was using boosted...
  11. DHS W968 and JSH blade

    Hi, by any chance anyone is willing to get one of these blades? I've got a DHS W68 and a JSh blades. I'm not using them anymore because of an injury. So if anyone is interested just let me know. I will be posting some pictures below. About price, im not sure about it so i will listen to any...
  12. Calderano's new blade in German open 2019 and DHS W968

    What is that blade? Second question where can i buy DHS W968?
  13. w968 -8?

    https://www.prott.vip/Product-Details.aspx?productcode=968-8Nunbers apart from the colour what how does this version differ?
  14. Question about W968 -6 or HL5 x

    Has anyone used this blade before and how does it differ to the original ?
  15. want to buy the old version DHS W968 blade

    I am new to this forum, please suggest where I can buy this version, thanks. See attached picture, I think it is an old version, and I am only interested in this version because it has super control.
  16. W968 - 6 question

    Anyone used this blade and i have a feeling ma long seems to of used it?
  17. Dhs Long V vs Dhs W968

    Hi, For those users who have tried both HL5 AND W968. Is the difference between the two blades night and day? Moreover, is the quality of wood used a lot better than commercial HL5? Would love to hear your experiences.
  18. FS/FT: W968, Innerforce ZLF

    Fs/ft: W968 £150 A few blades up for sale on ebay to make room for more but I'm happy to consider any trades. I've listed links below with pictures and more info: DHS W968 Provincial (88.5g): Accepted in a trade from another member but it isn't part of my main setup so I'd like to try...
  19. FS: w968 provincial blade

    $400 you pay shipping
  20. w968 with a n301

    anyone making this blade yet W968 with a N301 or W968 with a Viscaria and it actuallys works?