1. W968 vs Hurricane Long 5 commercial version

    Hi all. Recently I bought W968 provincial version 2018 from prott, 91gr weight. Before that I was playing with commercial version of DHS Hurricane Long 5 with 89 weight. What surprised me was that the commercial version of HL5 is faster than W968 provincial version. This is normal? Or is my...
  2. Want to buy the DHS W968 blade - who

    Hello guys, i want to buy the DHS Hurricane w968 blade (flared), do you know where i can buy it, my main blade is the innerforce layer alc (i don't like the hollow feel from the DHS Hurricane Long 5 - do you think it will be a better blade, i hope it has a good sweetspot too and is not so...
  3. W968 pro 2018 model review

    Hi all i was thinking about getting the new provincial version had bigger head (159*150 mm) with thicker handle , is the difference between that and the national little? or large and is it worth getting because i wouldn't mind a more powerful forehand and better dwell time and touch with it...
  4. W968 curious

    Hello table tennis daily iv been looking for a more powerful blade then my Liu shiwen Blade so iv been thinking of getting the DHS W968 Pro version or the K161 National version whats the difference between them? iv been also reading chen chen maybe has the knowledge ?
  5. Is posible to get a original W968 and DHS rubber?

    Hi, im new here, i was trying to find some original blade and rubbers seller, is posible to buy it original?
  6. Wtb: Dhs w968

    I'm looking for DHS W968 blade in good or great condition with a weight between 87g and 90g. You must be able to provide documentation on the blade to verify authenticity. thanks!
  7. blade Special DHS Institute DHS W968 C08

    The blade was designed for a provincial club player in China. Weight 85.4 g and thickness: 5.85 mm The blade is designed for plastic ball from the new material ABS DHS D40*** My price is 250$
  8. DHS W968 (Hurricane Long V Non Commercial / Pro) Ideal Weight / Thickness?

    I’m looking to buy a DHS W968 blade. The blades are the newer version with smaller face, 158 mm X 150 mm. The two I’m looking at are of the following weight / thickness: 1. 92.5 g / 6.04 mm 2. 90 g / 6.1 mm The seller recommended the heavier one. Is there a difference really? I mean how...
  9. Lf: Dhs w968

    Hi, I am looking for a genuine w968 blade 2nd generation. Thanks!!
  10. DHS W968 (Ma Long personal blade) - URGENT HELP NEEDED

    As the title suggests, I am purchasing this blade in a matter of days, most likely Monday and have receieved photos of the intended blade. Aside from a tiny bit of damage on the blade itself (which I have no problem with) everything else seems fine in terms of grain. It is a brand new 2016 year...
  11. FS: DHS W968 Tenergy 05 and National hurricane 3 red

    DHS W968 Serial Number 20151028 ** ~PURCHASED from another forum member. Weight 90.5G Thickness 5.93mm New Black Tenergy 05 2.1mm (Some small cut on rubber, unoticible to the eye) New National Hurricane 3 Red with stamp on back. 2.1mm 37 degree, (Same specification as Ma Long. Only a small...
  12. For Sale: DHS national equipment (rubbers and blades)

    Zhangjike,Malong and Fanzhendong personal hurricane 3 rubbers are available.
  13. DHS Malong W968 Blade For Sale

    Brand new DHS custom made Malong W968 blade Weight: 89g Thickness: 5.8mm Price: 300 pounds
  14. DHS Malong W968 Blade

    One of my favourite collection.DHS custom made for world No.1 table tennis player. Weight : 90g Thickness: 5.85mm Please let me know if you are interested or want more information. Email address: [email protected] Thanks.
  15. w968 vs hurricane long 5

    a question to anyone who has had the good fortune of using both the w968 and the hurricane long 5 : are there any significant differences, if so what are they which do you prefer and why is the speed rating really off++