1. FS: Butterfly Mizutani ZLC FL old version, Zhang Yining black tag

    For sale: 1. Butterfly Mizutani ZLC FL, old version, first letter I from 2008, head size: 150/157 mm, in good condition, 89g, few dings professionally repaired with Epoxy resins. Price: 190€ shipping included as registered letter to Europe, PayPal for family and friends. Pics...
  2. Why is zhang jike alc not so popular or used?

    I don't say don't use it anywhere in the world , it's strange to see it commonly Does anyone have any theory ? Anyone have it and can you give us your review???? Thanks.
  3. Blade Review with Lily Zhang | JOOLA Nobilis PBO-c

    What's up guys, today I'm joined alongside US Olympian Lily Zhang to review the blade she uses, the JOOLA Nobilis. Lily is awesome and was a great lot of fun! Enjoy the review :) Have you tried this blade yet? Any questions let us know in the comments.
  4. Viscaria or Harimoto Innerforce ALC or Zhang Jike ALC

    I would like to know how these blades compare to each other thanks.
  5. Up for Sale : Zhang Jike ALC

    Hi All, I have Zhang Jike ALC up for sale. It is in good condition and very sparingly used. Cost : 90 pounds + Plus shipping.
  6. Butterfly Zhang Jike Super ZLC vs Butterfly Zhang Jike ZLC

    Hello, What is the difference between Butterfly Zhang Jike Super ZLC and Butterfly Zhang Jike ZLC? I think about speed, spin, rotation, control, stiffness, hardness... Best regards
  7. best rubbers for Zhang Jike ALC blade

    Hello, I am a 50 years old intermediate offensive player that playing close/mid range to the table.(my movement is quite ok) I have the zhang jike alc blade with rakza 7 rubber on both sides. I want to attack on both sides. my forehand is better than my backhand side and it feels ok when I...
  8. Zhang Jike Super ZLC Handle

    Hi Everyone, Today I fell in love for the second time in my life. I tried/played with Zhang Jike Super ZLC. The feeling, control, power, everything was amazing. The only problem is that the blade is not mine. Switching from DHS Hurricane Long 3, which is also a very good off+ but all wood...
  9. Zhang Jike Super ZLC

    Hi Guys heres a video of an unboxing of my new Super ZLC Blade.
  10. Zhang Jike's watch collection is insane!

    Hey guys, Recently Zhang Jike attended some events and what stood out in particular were the watches he was wearing. Check them out below! Combined all of the watches cost well over £300,000! Who said you couldn't earn money from playing Table Tennis?! :)
  11. Zhang Jike unfollows Liu Guoliang on Weibo

    I'm new here, browsed for a while but wanted to share this today. Since the news of Liu Guoliang returning to the CNT, Zhang Jike has unfollowed Liu Guoliangon Weibo. Zhang Jike deleted all Weibo about Liu Guolilang and the Chinese National Team. Waiting for more news about what happened.
  12. New ! Kong Linghui publicly appeared in the marathon with Zhang Jike

    On 18/09/23 Kong Linghui publicly appeared in the marathon! One year Away from Guoping . Today, Zhengzhou Longhu International Half Marathon started and , Guoping Olympic champions Kong Linghui and Zhang Jike as special guests participated in this marathon. Zhengzhou Longhu...
  13. blade from chinese national team player ( ma long , zhang jike, yan an, li xiaoxia )

    hello my friend ( player in last national game chinese ) get somes blade from national team player li xiaoxia, ma long , and Zhang jike ) 1000$ i just help my friend for sell, i already know price expensive ^^
  14. Zhang jike ALC which rubbers will go

    Hi can anyone advise on the rubbers on ZHK ALC. may be the current player who have it , can post
  15. Zhang jike ALC

    how is ZHK ALC compared to Timo Boll ALC
  16. differences between viscaria and zhang jike alc (new version)

    Hello to all, I was thinking of buying one of these two blades, I used the Viscaria before but it is ruined so I was going to buy it again but I noticed that the composition of Viscaria and Zhang Jike Alc are the same. Could you tell me the differences between the two? Now I'm using an...
  17. h3 personnal Zhang jike with signature

    hello i have 1 h3 from Zhang jike with signature ( new ) for sale 150$ without shipping... picture avaible ... if u have any questions u can ask me ... :) sorry for my english so bad :( im avaible here or in whatsapp +33682831840
  18. Setup T05 and T05-FX on Zhang Jike ALC?

    Hi everyone! I have a question about a table tennis blade and the rubbers I want to buy. I was thinking about buying the Zhang Jike ALC blade with Tenergy 05 (1.9) on my forehand and Tenergy 05-FX (1.9) on the backhand but I don’t know if this will be a good setup for me. I have played with...
  19. Zhang Jike or Tomokazu Harimoto... Who you picking?

    Hold everything! A huge matchup is about to take place at the China Open! Zhang Jike vs wonderkid Harimoto! Who you picking? Post your predictions below.
  20. Zhang Jike to make a return | 2018

    Zhang Jike has confirmed his participation at the Hong Kong, Japan and China Open over the next month! Who's excited?