Advice for a new equipment

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Dec 2022
Hi I've been wondering what to do... The thing is, I used to play table tennis a lot before and I also played for my university in those times, and now I'm planning to comeback again xd. But, the problem is that I've lost my technique, cause I stopped training for a loooong time, and I'm not sure if I should keep with my old equipment from 2019.

Donic Ovtcharov Senso V1
DHS Hurricane 3
Xiom Vega Europe

But I wanted to relearn my technique from zero, but with a Chinese playing style, I was looking for the equipment starter Chinese player use but I couldn't find anything real. I wanted to ask you guys what equipment should I buy, I want to be an offensive player like Fan Zhendong xd, that would be it thanks xd.
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Aug 2021
This actually seems like a very fine setup already. I think you can just stick with this.

If you feel you need more speed, you can get a bouncier rubber later.
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May 2011

What about Yasaka Extra Sweden and Stiga Allround Evolution I've heard these blades are cool for learning techniques xd. Because I wanted to optimize my technique, and I feel I could do that downgrading my equipment, or idk if I'm thinking wrong xd

If you've already played a lot you probably don't need it. I had an 8 year lay off so I restarted with the YSE, but if it's only been 3 years you can probably restart with your old equipment, even if learning a new style.