Need assistance with new equipment (Rubber and blade combination)

says I am addicted to table tennis... 🥲
Hello, everyone! I am glad to join this community. I am a fairly new player from Lithuania and I've have made incredible amount of progress in 7 months period. My love for table tennis has also reached new heights :LOL:

In short and straight to the point - I've been using a pre-made "Atemi 3000" racket. Probably barely anyone knows this firm. It's a fast blade - balsa carbon. And yes, I know... I got surprised as well not too long ago, especially when I've done my research and started spotting inconsistencies and lack of control in my gameplay. The racket itself is pretty cheap, however, it has been recommended to me by my coach which barely makes sense to me now because it certainly lacks control and hinders my development of ball feeling, strategic play and placement. Luckily, the racket is slowly but steadily reaching its end and I am thinking of getting a custom racket in around 1-2 months as my game also gets progressively more serious.

What I basically want is to step back a little and come back to stuff I didn't get to experience while playing on a carbon, fast racket. I'd consider myself to be an intermediate player as I pretty much know the techniques and essence of the game. I love attacking, always try my best to take the initiative. I am obsessed with serves, so my serve game is pretty strong too. My main problems are inconsistencies, I especially still struggle with consistency of backhand topspin, I lack the feel for the ball and control. Because of the speed of my racket, I lack strategic gameplay and end up mostly attacking/topspinning fast in the middle/safe zone. To put in short, I've noticed that my game is fairly simple and plain.

I do not want anything fancy for now, as it's most likely not a great idea... High control build with a lot of spin and fair amount of speed sounds like it might help, to come back to absolute fundamentals, perfect techniques and learn excellent ball feel as well as placement, that is. I've got my eyes on these blades:

  1. Yasaka Sweden Classic
  2. Yasaka Sweden Extra
  3. Butterfly Petr Kobel (as it seems more fitting to my offensive playstyle)


  1. Yasaka Rigan
  2. Nittaku Factive

Which should I choose? Any recommendations? Better alternatives? I am incredibly interested in hearing your opinions and advices. I truly appreciate your help! Thank you for your time :)
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