Advice for new rubbers

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Dec 2019
I haven't been active on the for a while but ttd forum gave me great advice 2 years ago when I bought a blade donic burn off - and vega x max thickness rubbers. I have been very pleased with this bat but the rubbers are almost dead and I would like to try something new, I have improved a lot and belive I'm ready for some higher end rubbers. What do you think would be the best rubbers that would give me a bit more power away from the table and possibly a bit more spin. I will keep the same blade and would also like to buy rubbers availible in my country, those are from xiom, gewo, yasaka, donic and tibhar. Every suggeston is very much aprecciated.
Note: I posted 2 threads on accident and don't know how to delete one of that, sorry.
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