Besides table tennis, what hobbies/sports do you do in your free time?

Mushroom-hunting, fishing, hiking, mountain-biking, investing, US politics, Formula 1, LOTR, watching TV many things, so little time

Watching formula 1 or driving Formula 1? Lol. By the way Pat, sent you a pm.

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Jul 2017
Making money. I own an industrial controls company. We help automate things. However, I semi retired on 1 Jan 2021.
You guys wouldn't believe the stuff we have done.

When the pandemic hit I worked a little from home. I kill zergs when I get bored..
I play TT 3 times a week now because one of my practice partners, the best one, move to NYC of all things.
I play for the exercise now. This week I got out my chopping paddle just to play with something different. I am not a chopper but I can chop well in a practice situation.
I have a very good TT setup at work. There is lots of space but only an 11 foot ceiling. I bought a two boxes of Nittaku training balls, One is orange and the other white. A play can touch only his own color balls. The balls are cleaned with Lysol spray ant the table with Lysol wipes.

I have a truck camper. I go camping even in bad weather. The storm in Texas would have be a non-problem for me since my camper is an all weather camper.
I have actually needed to use the 6 wheel drive to get to some places. My truck is a 1 ton dually.

I have two bikes. One I call my retro cycle. It is a 3 speed with big tires. It has a hand brake for the front tire and a coaster brake for my rear tire. I like this bike much more than my Trek 24 speed because I don't have to fill the tires up before each time I use the bike.

I played chess in the past but I only had time to play in one tournament. I got a rating of 2057 my first time out.
Now I just watch chess videos on YouTube. I am interested in Leela chess 0.
I have Stockfish installed on my computers. My computer has 2560 cuda cores so it is a monster.
I use to write chess and Othello programs.

I am still trying to figure out what to do when retired when so much is restricted. Flying is a hassle and cruise ships are a no no. It is a piss poor time to be retired.
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Jul 2019
i play go. Now I play on the internet.

Before I retired i played in a club in London and attended go tournaments andcongresses all over. I dont have a special talent for it but find it very appealing. Also the go community is interesting and challenging to be part of.

google sensei's library if you are interested.

However I cant wait to get back to coaching at the TT club...
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Jul 2018
Axe/knife/razor sharpening
Wet shaving: yes, you can make a daily chore into a hobby
Football: Past life
Audio: Still a newbie
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Jul 2022
I love to collect and trade Pokémon gaming cards. Growing up, my parents could never afford to buy me all the Pokémon cards at howyoumatter. I wanted. Im fortunate to have a great paying job now that lets me afford the hobby that I missed out on. I am 33 now, so I’ve advanced in my career. I also pick and choose my sets. Don’t get fomo and buy everything that comes out. I’ve invested most of my money on sets that I really love. I’ve completed shining fates and hidden fates. Still working on cosmic eclipse, shining legends, and team up. It’s easy to break your bank watching everyone on the sub post pulls lol.
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