bought 2 blade, 2 FH rubbers, need help mixing & matching.

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Jun 2012
Hello. I played tt competitively for 3 years, ages 11-14. I am 24 now, and am getting back into the game. When I left, I was 1500 USATT, and though I haven't played "for real," in a while, I have played a little here and there (game room pong, etc.).

I intend on playing a close/mid table Chinese attacking style attacking game. I have been watching youtube clips on Chinese footwork, and I'm really excited. Have found a lot of flaws in my game, and feel I will soon exceed my former level. I also intend on using a more Chinese style forehand, with less "chicken winging" and more body torque/arm extension.

Anyway, I have bought some new equipment.

FH Rubber:

DHS Hurricane 2, H3 neo provincial

BH rubber:

Palio CJ8000 Biotech 36-38°, Friendship/729 Focus 3 Snipe, CTT National Pogo LP (to play around)


Galaxy N-9, Stiga Allround Wood NCT

The stuff is in the mail, should be getting it pretty soon. I initially ordered 1 paddle, the stiga blade+H3N+Palio. Later, when I saw such a cheap Off+ blade, I decided to buy another racquet. The 2nd bh rubber actually seems better than the palio, so that's good. It seems that the best combo should be

729 snipe
Stiga Allround

But that would leave the H2 to go with the off+ blade, which might not be a good idea? It's my backup racquet though, so I shouldn't sacrifice the primary one to help the backup..

Any input/advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.