need help for custom blade and rubbers

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hello to whoever reads this. I am a tt player who has been playing for around a year now and am now deciding to invest in a custom racket.

Currently, i’ve been using the stiga prestige 5 star racket, mainly an offensive racket, for about a year now. As time has worn the racket out, I believe investing in a custom made racket would be worthwhile to me, although I have basically no clue on what i should get.

The way I sort of play tt is that I mostly backhand chop it close to the net and wait for openings to either backhand or forehand smash the ball or I apply sidespin and wait for the opponent to mess up. I mainly do pendulum serves, tomahawk serves and backhand sidespin serves.

What i’m looking to get is a blade which leans towards attacking but is still good for defense that has the same handle as my racket (concave handle I think), one offensive rubber, for smashes and sidespin shots, and one defensive rubber, that would be good for serves and backhand chops. I’ve read online that Chinese rubbers are more tacky which would potentially, I think, generate more spin. Would this be worthwhile having my backhand being a Chinese rubber or sticking to European?

I also would like to know if i switch to using Chinese rubbers, would I need to change my playing style as apparently to produce spin with European and Chinese rubbers, they require different techniques.

My budget is somewhat around £50-£60 for everything (paddle and the 2 sponges).

All the specifics of the stiga bat are here:

If you could, please lmk what you think would be best for me.


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