Do you remember your best win individually or as a team in an event?

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Jan 2013
oh i do, both in team and individually. In team i was playing with my friend in the Icelandic youth team championships, we were down 2-1 in the final after my friend losing his first single and then we lost the doubles. He was up against our friend which he had never beaten before in his life, I was terrified of losing because i hadn't dropped a single set in singles the whole tournament and couldn't bear the thought of getting second place although being the very best in the tournament. Well anyway i looked on his scoreboard when i was up 2-0 and i couldn't believe my eyes, he was also up 2-0 (we played 2 games at a time because it was getting very late). Next set i spent looking at his scoreboard and lost this one set. So did he. So i restored my focus and was up 8-5 in that final set when i looked back to his scoreboard. He was up 10-5. I scored a point and got 9-5, and he did one of the funniest things i know, he hopped up a little, did a funny little screech and went on to make the worst serve ever done in the history of mankind. I lost my point because i thought his reaction was so extremely funny, but got the next one and we were both up 10-6, 2-1 while losing 2-1 in games. He was the first one to win and then a few seconds after that i won and we were so happy that we almost, almost shed tears of joy. The entire bench stood up and jumped around with us for awhile and then we went on to collect my biggest trophy yet. Why is this my favorite? Because we were the third seed and because the coach of the other team was so confident that they would beat us, he left to get food and to come back to get a picture of him with his team. When he came back and saw us holding the trophy, oh you shoulda seen the look on his face.

My favorite singles is not as good. I was playing in a finals in an unimportant event against some guy that had beaten me the day before, i was kinda nervous before this game because it was my first finals in "1. flokkur" which means 1. category (in Iceland we have Elite category, 1st category and 2nd category) and he was way over me in the rankings: Anyway i won the first set, but lost the other 2, and was down 7-2 and 2-1. I had taken a timeout at 5-2, and it popped in at 7-2. I got the next 9 points. In the deciding set i went on to get 3-0, and then he took a timeout. His timeout didn't take long to kick in and he immediately gained 7-3. I then got 2 points and he then got 2 points. 9-5. I got the next two points and at 9-7 we played an amazing rally (sorry didn't video tape the match :( ) that i won, and so did i with the next point. At 9-9 he had serve. He had good serves so i was shaking like a maniac because of stress. He missed his first serve and i was so incredibly happy i almost "choed" but i didn't. I then won the next point. Great game :)