Harimoto innerfoce alc rubbers?

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Apr 2022
Decided to go for a harimoto innerfoce alc instead of trying out the new stiga cybershape carbon blade.
Want a bit flexier blade and had the Zhang jike ALC which was fine but after reading up and it's a bit slower and offers more control.
But I've also read from.many that it dosent pair good with harder rubbers like 05 on BH.

I'm thinking on either nittaku fastarc G-1 on FH or trying out 09c this time around.
But would like to hear what others use on their backhand if possible and also what's your take on this blade.
The only con I've seen that's it lacks power away from the table but that's fine that can be fixed with the right technique and right rubber so it will be managble.
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Jan 2023
Umm, 09c is one of the hardest rubbers that Butterfly produces, and significantly more so than Tenergy 05. I don't think there's a big issue is trying out 09c on that blade, but it struck me as odd to say that right after noting that the HALC supposedly doesn't pair with "hard" rubbers. Also worth noting that Harimoto himself uses Dignics 05 on both sides. Honestly, I don't think there's objectively "bad" pairings - just try it out and see if it feels good to you. FWIW I have a Korbel (same composition/head size minus the ALC) and have tried DNA Dragon Grip (a reasonably close alternative to 09c) and it's completely fine, both FH/BH. It's true that I feel like I need to really work at mid/long distance but then again, my technique likely isn't great.
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