Joola Zhou Qihao super ALC 90 or Vyzarz freeze trinity

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Dec 2022
Hello all,
The ej bug strikes again. I'm currently playing with HL5 with fast arc g1 on bh and commercial version neo 3 hurricane on fh.

Was thinking of getting a Joola blade after reading that Zhou Qihao 90 was close to viscaria super ALC with better feel than viscaria. I played with viscaria and boll ALC but never liked any of them.

Also, getting Vyzarz freeze trinity at nearly same price here. Limba outer ply will suit me better I think.
Which is more collectible?

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Hi, I've played both HL5 and ZQH 90 for a bit of time, and I would say that ZQH is much much harder to spin with compared to HL5. It took me around 3 months (around 8-10h a week of playing) to develop the spin in my shots, so I would be confident in my game.

One thing that I really liked from ZQH was that it was "power hungry", that is it never really felt like I would put too much power into my shots, the feeling always said "put more power, more power" of course that meant that I had to spin more so that the ball would get onto the table.

Overall I think ZQH is a really well-made blade, and if you are willing to stick to it for I'd say minimum ~6 months, then you will see quite a big improvement in your shot quality on any other setup.